Sears vintage lawnmowers

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Determining the Value of Old Reel Mowers

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The earliest models did not have a throttle lever. The engine was made by Coldwell. I am sure they have more information on this mower for you. Value of Antique Craftsman Reel Mowers August 11, found this helpful Older reel mowers may have some antique value for a collector or for someone who likes to use antique equipment.

Vintage lawnmowers Sears

It lawnmowerw been in the family forever, but I have not had fintage running for many years. Have something to add? To find the value of a Great American reel mower, locate other similar mowers and see what kinds of prices they command. There isn't much information about this mower. This is a guide about determining the value of old reel mowers. Finding the Value of a Great American Reel Mower September 5, found this helpful Reel mowers can be collectors items if they are rare and in good condition.

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Vintage reel lawn mowers sometimes have a value to collectors. Ad Here is a lawnmowres that gives a little history about this mower. It is a late 's to early 's vintage. Read on to see the answers provided by the ThriftyFun community or ask a new question. So unfortunately, I can't find a price.

You can also ask questions create a free log-in account lawmnowers and someone may be able to answer any questions. The unit has compression and everything moves freely. The other obvious early feature is the side plate of the cutting unit and how it attaches to the chassis.

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