Age of empires 3 the asian dynasties cd key

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age of empire 3 The Asian Dynasties

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The Chinese monk also has the unique ability to convert enemy units defeated by emmpires into disciples, although keh chances are low. The Chinese have a higher population limit than all the dynasteis civilizations; up to population points, rather than the usual However, to reach this cap, several upgrades dynastiws be made. Additionally, their military units are trained in blocks, much like the Russians, except that each block is made up by several types of troops, meaning when the player creates a "block" they receive a technically combat-ready force. The Chinese build villages rather than houses or shrines.

Villages can garrison villagers and livestock given to them tasked to fatten more quickly. These villages also supply 20 population. The shrines also act as houses, supporting 10 population units. They have the unique ability to ship most cards twice. The monks start off with an ability called "Divine Strike" which can be used to finish off guardians or enemy units with less health. Japanese monks also have the ability to build shrines, which allows villagers to focus on gathering resources and building other structures.

Dynasties the key asian Age cd 3 empires of

Furthermore, keg campaigns return to the historical, civilization-based single-player campaigns, which are different from the past campaigns in the Age asjan Empires III series. The Conquerorsthe establishment of the Tokugawa Shogunatewhich players control, and a young general named Sakuma Kichiro. Apparently, when Kichiro was a baby, Tokugawa Ieyasu rescued him from the ruins of his conquered village and raised him as his adopted son. Kichiro and Mototada ally with the local villagers and storm the castle.

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Next, they move to the north-east of Honshu to destroy any villages that might support Tokugawa's enemy, Uesugi Kagekatsu and defeat Uesugi's army. After the victory, in which they suffer heavy losses, Mototada learns that Tokugawa's main enemy, Ishida Mitsunari is threatening Mototada's estate at Fushimiforcing Mototada to return there. Meanwhile, Kichiro marches his exhausted army west again to take control of the Tokaido Road trade route. In the aftermath of the battle there, a defeated samurai of the Oda clan tells Kichiro that Tokugawa has lied to him since his childhood.

Angered, Kichiro kills the samurai, but nevertheless, is still shaken by his words. He returns to Mototada at Fushimi, and asks him the truth of his origins. Mototada tells Kichiro that it was Tokugawa who destroyed his home when he was a baby and sentenced his parents, the leaders of the village, to death.

Though shocked by this revelation, Kichiro, true to the samurai coderemains loyal to Tokugawa and helps Mototada at ensuing battle at Fushimi. After Kichiro escorts the non-combatants to safety, he is forced to leave Mototada to fight alone. As the enemy breaches the final defenses, Mototada commits seppukudetailing in his last statement the importance of loyalty. Kichiro joins Tokugawa at Sekigahara. After the Battle of Sekigahara ends in victory for Tokugawa, Kichiro makes up his mind and abandons his loyalty to his master and rides away through the war-torn battlefield, forsaking his honor and shaming his family name for generations to come, which Mototada had foreseen.

The story mainly focuses on Jian Huang, a Ming captain who has long dreamed of seeing the outside world, and his partner and new friend, Lao Chen, a large, powerful, and crude sailor, who are given orders to help expand the Ming Empire. In the beginning, the treasure fleet is attacked by Wokou pirates while still under construction. On orders of the spoiled and selfish Admiral Jinhai, nephew of the unnamed emperor, Huang and Chen save the fleet and eliminate the pirates. The fleet then embarks westward and is next seen to land in a port on the coast of India.

There many of the crew, including Huang and Chen, are attacked by soldiers of the Indian Zamorin and flee with part of the fleet to a nearby island where they set up a new base and mount a rescue mission to save Jinhai and the remaining crew who have been captured by the Zamorin's troops and as they discover some Chinese defectors. Chen and Huang go to rescue crews of the other ships from hostile Aztec soldiers. When they return, they find that Jinhai has disappeared.

Huang suspects that he was captured along with many of the fleet's crewmembers and mounts a rescue mission. Huang and Chen cut through the jungle and rescue many of their comrades, but Jinhai is not among them. Huang's asiann army of sailors then enters dynasfies nearby Aztec city, where they learn that Jinhai has set himself up as an emperor or perhaps a god among the Aztecs and that it was Jinhai who plotted with the Zamorin in India. You've been outbid by someone else. You can still win! You've been outbid by someone else's max bid. Try raising your max bid. You're the highest bidder!

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