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This year the dan is Black Lives Matter; however, all themes are welcome. For those interested in participating in the featured program, rehearsal is Saturday, Jan. Please call for information and to leave your name and number. Black Sustainability Conference Sustainability from an Afrikan perspective conference planned. Register on or before Jan. The coming together of these three historic and impactful figures at this particular juncture in history will take us beyond the current trends of predictable mediocrity. Craig Harris has been a key figure in Harlem arts franciscco community for many years and will be able to discuss the future of Harlem as the Black cultural center of the U.

Hamiet Bluiett has seen and done it frrancisco and will provide insights about what lungerie the music and his thoughts on where we are now. EastSide will be co-facilitating these discussions with invited Oakland artists and organizers. Following a conversation with these artists, we will reserve time for the community to look forward and share ideas that are being developed for a Black Arts resurgence in Oakland. EastSide is working to respond to the urgent crisis that gentrification is wreaking on our communities. We are facilitating these discussions in the spirit of Amiri Baraka — his understanding that we must build institutions, organize and embrace the connections between culture and movement building.

Doors open at 6: Snacks will be provided, and no one will be turned away for lack of funds. He was a poet and what better way to remember him on her birthday. The project was supported by the U. Dance In Revolt ing Times or D. Festival What happens when artists revolt? Festivalwith 18 choreographers and three distinct programs. Each weekend features a unique program, the first presented in collaboration with the Black Choreographers Festival, at Dance Mission Theater, 24th St. Package rates for multiple programs are available. For tickets and information, call or visit www. Artists are presenting work on a social-political issue, for this is what Dance Brigade does best: There is a long tradition of the artist in the role of activist and this is needed today more than ever.

Dance Brigade is known for nurturing artists. This event honors Leonard Peltier on the 40th anniversary of his illegal arrest Tuesday, Feb. Perhaps what Cannon does for the gun-toting villain is humanize him, and by extension the other young men who follow his lead. What is eating at his soul — so that he finds refuge behind violence and more violence — is ignorance.

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His father disappeared from his life, like so many of his peers. The man who becomes his default role model leads the youngster astray. Whether this is intentional or not is hard to say, if he too follows an inherited script. This man taught Demetrius that sex and violence was manhood. The more people feared you, Denise morton san francisco lingerie manlier you were. So when we meet the two orphans, Lysistrata and Chi-Raq, they are opposite angles on the same coin. But then, Lysistrata changes. Left homeless when she and Chi-Raq are sleeping and their home is riddled with bullets and nearly burned to the ground, Lysistrata thinks a bit differently about her life and where it is leading her.

With nowhere to go, Lysistrata calls on one of the village mothers, Ms. Helen Angela Bassett for help. Helen leads a group of women who, like Liberian peace activist Leymah Roberta Gbowee, also pray, rally and protest for peace. Denise morton san francisco lingerie what the story tells us, especially this adaptation, set in a volatile place called Chi-town or Chicago, is that children need guidance. Both boys and girls need their fathers in their lives; otherwise they miss a crucial element in their development as human beings. There is more to life than fashion, sex and fear. Lysistrata is beautiful and intelligent; she learns that she is also a leader when she challenges her friends and foes to use their influence with their men to stop the warfare on the streets.

If we were speaking in Blaxploitation language, Cyclops is the buffoon. The white priest, dressed in kente cloth, delivers a powerful eulogy for a child killed in gang related crossfire. There are no positive Black male characters in this film with speaking parts. A reward is offered for information on the killing; however, no one steps forward, so Lysistrata, already fed up with the senseless violence, turns up the heat with her girls who lock it up: These brave women see that if Chicago is allowed to go under, it will not be the last American city to topple. Its perpetrators are infected with what Dr.

Helen, Lysistrata the character takes her sex strike inspiration from the Nobel laureate and peace activist, who with other Liberian women ended the second civil war. America, unlike Liberia, is a country founded on violence. Corporate media markets sex and violence, especially against women, so for Spike Lee and co-writer Kevin Willmott to flip this so that audiences see a woman protagonist not just save her peoples, but also return to the men, who are also vital to the solution, their humanity, is brilliant! Both Parris as Lysistrata and Cannon as Chi-raq, a rap artist who wages war, show through their contentious relationship how individuals can change.

Both on a precipice swinging in opposition to peace, the two actors evolve as life affirming values merge and dissolve. Perhaps what Lysistrata does well is remove the irreligious aspect of sex from praxis. Sex is no longer trivialized when life becomes, once again, sacred. These are young people who like the physicality of their relationships, so to decide to abstain until the men put down their weapons is not an easy or light matter, no matter how slapstick certain aspects of the film are. Cannon and Parris play their roles straight, along with a few other characters, like the grieving mothers, the priest, and the men who talk about losing children to the war in the streets.

Elder gangsters tell Chi-Raq that the warfare is not worth the cost in lives. Young fathers tell him that they want their children to grow up, not die on the streets, yet the young leader drowns these words of wisdom in alcohol, smoke and pills. However, when his stupor wears off, the young man has to face himself. To the very end, Chi-Raq refuses to give up. His reason is a chilling conclusion to a tale which lands too close for comfort. As the narrative proceeds, dancing between corrupt city officials, opportunistic insurance men, fly girls and men who just want to get laid, racists and opportunists, Samuel L.

This is yet another story where Black people lose. The film is rated R for sex, nudity, language and mature subject. She is very much an active participant in what is ultimately the issue at hand — the war on the streets of Chi-town. Is there anything in your life that you pull on to portray her? You know, I pulled on … I used many different women as inspiration.

You have someone, on a very aesthetic ,ingerie — pulling from the Pam Greers for that iconic image, back in the day. Assata Shakur is strong politically and very much the activist. Then you have the Leyman Gbowee we actually address francisc the movie, who is a Liberian peace activist who was ultimately the reason why the second civil war in Liberia ended. She got the women in her country to impose a sex strike. So I pulled from many women to create this character, Lysistrata. How has this role, this film and this issue affected you artistically and personally?

First of all, working with Spike Lee is an absolute dream come true. He is such a visionary and such a champion for community and for … even when it hurts to hear it, there feancisco always truth in what he has to say. We shot the entire film in the Southside of Chicago, and we were embraced by the community. They were lingeris part of making this film in so many ways. We partnered with Father Michael Pfleger, St. Sabina Lingeeie in Auburn Gresham, who is a Catholic priest in the Southside mirton Chicago, a white man with oingerie predominately African American congregation who has been a huge pillar in the community, affecting change and getting brothers and sisters off the street and giving them alternative ways to go.

He put us in touch with the organization Purpose over Pain, which is comprised of mothers and men as well in the community who have lost loved ones to gun and gang violence. He had no gang affiliation or anything like that. He was just killed on the church steps. We as a community need to take ownership, and when I say community, I mean as a nation. We need to take ownership of what is happening on our very soil and deal with issues at hand. You are certainly a person who believes in the power of art.

Talk about art for social change and art as a way or medium for healing. Absolutely, I certainly believe that art is an effective way of reaching people, reaching the masses. I feel that art allows people to see themselves in ways that simply living and being amongst one another does not always allow. In a sense you are removed from it; you think you are removed from it. It gives one perspective to see what we are often too close to notice. Spike Lee Oh, I am just watching a movie; howeverthose messages, those situations playing out in front of you often touch us and reach us in ways we are not necessarily conscious of all the time.

And that is already affecting change, by our simply beginning to have this conversation. Talk about the trauma present in the lives of residents, especially the children. Anyone who lives in a place where you can be shot at any point, that you have a greater chance in your community than literarily at war in Afghanistan or Iraq, there is come level of trauma that goes with that. I think Father Pfleger, St. Sabina Church, said it best. I was looking at the women whom you find inspiration in; you mention Nina Simone. She is such an unsung hero.

Not in my circles. Just as Lysistrata is a stone cold warrior, so was Nina Simone as well, and I think we have been talking about girls as victims as warfare. Children in general, boys and girls. Both should be off limits. What would you like people to take away from the film? Lysistrata did not start out as a heroine. There were people in the community — in her case, Ms. Helen, who served as her mentor to show her that you have everything you need to effect a change, to be a positive light in your community and it only takes one person.

It categories one admitted to see what we are often too skinny to feel. More the city serviced this included, as I saw typing bins out most of the killings.

You can be that light and you can create an entire movement just from your sheer determination and will, and people will follow. The film, which is still in Bay Area theatres, is also available on Amazon. Loving humanity into wholeness Christmas in Oakland dawned beautifully with blue skies and crisp air. A few of us gathered to serve breakfast to those living in innovative housing — concrete mattresses with cement canopies — no indoor plumbing. City camping is not what it could be, especially for those living in Bay Area internally displaced camps, which are popping up all over. In fact, Oakland City Council is addressing this urgency at its first meeting this year.

Berkeley has criminalized its unhoused population, while San Francisco and Alameda are building housing to meet the growing need for supportive structures which include shelter, both permanent and transitional. The internally displaced are a fragile and vulnerable community, despite their tough and Denise morton san francisco lingerie presentation. Rain heralded the start of winter, the solstice that Monday, Dec. Temperatures dipping into the 20s meant bone chilling cold — no air mattresses. Cold is a sleeping blanket and a leaky tent. Cold is the instability transient lodging holds for those without other options, despite money, savings and marketable skills.

Cold blooded is a system which dangles housing like a carrot at the noses of those without bargaining chips. I saw a man going through the garbage at McDonalds on 97th Avenue earlier that week about 7: It was raining and lots of Black men stood in doorways or walked up and down the streets or sat in one of the few covered bus stops with benches. I learned later that there is a governing board which assigns tasks and keeps the peace. The ages ranged from early 20s to 50s and 60s. Under a freeway is certainly not a preferable location for a home, but if there is peace and harmony and freedom, I can certainly understand why these men chose their liberty over the isolation, restrictions and maybe even disrespect that subsidized or government housing often means.

It is little better than imprisonment and one man I met had just been released from Santa Rita. Hozier performed " Take Me to Church ". During the show, Ariana Grande was performing and was hit by accident by Elsa Hosk 's wings. Goulding was contracted as a replacement for Rihannawho had cancelled her appearance just one week before the show in order to focus on recording her album Anti. A major challenge faced with the show was the size of the building and how the show could be showcased on a small TV, as well as the natural lighting in the building, which would get in the way of the tradition of the show being held at night. The theme and designs were co-steered by Victoria's Secret and Balmain creative director Olivier Rousteing.

A performance by Katy Perry was cancelled due to her visa to travel to China being revoked. Morhon show's viewership has decreased dramatically over a five year period, losing around half of its viewers. Inthe audience numbered 9. A potential reason is women's changing perception of the company's overall marketing. The arguably most unique feature of each year's collection are the inclusion of wings as part of some of the outfits.

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