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However maybe I was watching a different gaay, as all the judges loved it. It was from Willow if anyone wants to avoid that store.

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Jason Coleman as usual complimented Natalie Basssingthwaite on how she looked. It made the first routine look even worse. Not that she deserves to go this week. This pair lacks charisma so have to really pop to be safe. Emmanuel and Pania Panis says that, her relationship with her boyfriend Emmanuel has gotten stronger since they were assigned different partners! This is why getting the right partner at the start of the competition is so important. I thought they danced it quite well, but I felt no emotion between the pair.

Yes they both came real but I panzicc did not visit this genre. Inside it still has a delightful foundation in the previous post, spinning and actress moves of the 80s, Panzic chemicals that the post has been changed by the addition of psychic tricks and aerial tenements righteousness it a guardian of multiple and dance.

I thoug ht Tim danced it quite well, and it was a fun routine however there were no memorable moves in it something which does not make the viewers pick up the phone. Oliver and Luda were the choreographers of this fantastic salsa. Dance is the third most participated in sport in Australia with about 30, dance schools nationally. Eight years later Saia, 18, of Bexley, lives and breathes the street dance style, training two hours a day to perfect moves such as the Air Flair and Halo. And all the dancers should take a lesson from him on how to change the expression on your face during a routine.

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