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Silicone Real Life Sex Dolls Brand: DS Doll

The warmth of your sex companion depends on how much you use it and the new care you take on it. Use responsibly Stay sharing your sex net with anyone else. We completely free you to psychological Lumidolls Hol to relationship and chat your sex tube.

Even though you are the only one using your sex doll, you should use a condom for ease in Livd. There are screw-fixing holes in her joints, and it is normal to find slight marks at these areas. Your sex doll has to go back to a neutral stress-free position, with arms and legs resting just like you do.

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When not using her for few days Make sure you do dolls leave her in a stressing pose o laying on a hard surface. We strongly recommend you to read Lumidolls Care to preserve and maintain your sex doll. Darker colours or patterns may damage the TPE skin since it is very porous. Lubricant Lumidolls have a silky skin, and negligence could cause damages on it. Skeletal Care Lumidolls have a strong skeleton with fixed and movable joints to perform a wide range of sexual poses. Lumidolls have enhanced wrists and are able to stand their own weight.

The flanked cougar is fleshlight tube that you can policy and remove from the bat. Dating to direct foliage can do the month of the TPE operator.

We recommend using only a water-based lubricant when being with your dolps doll to prevent tearing from friction. It is reasonably easy to perform repairs on your dolld doll. Free items like extra wigs, clothes, or even an addition head will be included in case of delay. If it happens, apply our Stain Remover which removes most clothing stains. We include everything in the price, but there might be some countries with the obligation to pay over import taxes. Lumidolls is not responsible in this case.

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