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How to Tame a Hairy Tongue

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The excessive growth of bacteria or fungi may cause a burning or stinging sensation. The presence of overabundant bacteria or yeast in the filiform papillae may emit an unpleasant smell. Although the usual line of action is to rinse with mouthwash, it may actually worsen the smell and further discolor the tongue. The elongated filiform papillae and attached bacteria can cover the taste buds and alter the way food tastes. Gagging or tickling sensation: Since abnormal filiform papillae may reach a length of 18 mm, the hair-like cells can touch the roof of your mouth and leave a tickling feeling. It may even tickle the back of your throat whenever you swallow, and if you are extra sensitive, you may experience gagging.

How do I treat hairy tongue? The following are the most common and proactive solutions to treating hairy tongue: Practice good oral hygiene: A mouth overwhelmed by bacteria or fungi emphasizes poor oral hygiene practices.

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They serve predominantly veggie cuisine and they also have dosas. I remember going there as a student, it was the first time I had a masala dosai [rice and lentil flour pancake filled with potato masala]. And what are your top side dishes? I will always go for a stuffed paratha and I love a tarka dhal, a saag baji, a saag paneer and even a saag gosht.

Add a saag aloo to that too! What do you like to drink with your curry? Oaky wines also work well, especially those with a buttery finish — Atul has got it perfectly right there! What advice would you give to anyone cooking curry for the first time? Knock out a balti! Another simple dish to get you started and a favourite of mine is a bit of a faux tandoori. You just need to combine diced lamb, chicken or prawns with some yogurt and a tandoori masala spice dry mix. The other two tours were a bit vaudeville and daft.

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What Dave and I love most of all is that interaction, breaking that boundary between the stage and the audience. Hopefully we can generate that kind of energy and sense of belonging in the theatre. We seem to banter for hours and it seems to do alright. What you see on the telly is fundamentally what you get at home. The tour was a great opportunity to get out and meet as many of our fans and people who have supported us throughout our careers.

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