Adult size bibs

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Fleecey Adult Bib R196

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Fabric-terry cloth-water proof or resistant. Easy to keep clean and looking good, each bandana can go both in the washing machine and clothes dryer, making our bandanas the smartest choice when wanting useful and long lasting accessories. This would give you a bib that is 3 layers thick.

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Below are some of the abbreviations you can use on Aduot order form, but anything you would type on the form comes through. Waterproof We feature 3 waterproof products. Shown above the flowers are a laminated fabric that can only be wiped off. This fabric is washable but should be line dried. The water resistant or waterproof fabrics can be added to the back of any bib we make.

Size bibs Adult

Custom special needs bibs Over the years we have made many custom sized bibs, xize to a person's needs. Available in 13 individual printed Adulr, our adult waterproof bandanas have a fully adjustable neck size, ensuring a perfect fit is achieved by everyone. Measuring a generous 55x 55x67cm and with three neck size options thanks to the plastic domes, our bandanas are ideal for wearing every day. These bibs have been longer, shorter, narrower or wider. Size is limited, available on any bib.

Young and Adhlt adults with special needs, including those with Cerebral Palsy and Down Syndrome, often Adlut difficulty with finding appropriate adult bibs and independent living aids which are suitable for their life stage and needs. The plain fabric shown is a water resistant nylon. If we still do not understand the order we will call or e-mail you. The additional cost for these products: The nylon fabric can be put in the washer and dryer. Click below to choose your patterns.

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