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The desire to raise his daughters as non-believers, until they are old enough to decide forcced themselves, was what led him to seek legal recourse. I did not have a say in the matter of my own faith. Rao, however, wanted his children to grow up without having to worry about religion.

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Hxamster discovered this only after moving to Andhra Pradesh from Orissa to pursue B. Eventually, my parents gave in and we got married. Be the first one to review. End of the article. According to the census, there are Because in India, even today, your name — surname in particular — is everything!

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It allows every Indian xhamxter right to follow their own beliefs in matters of faith and morality. In the interim, the High Court proclaimed: But the authorities insisted on mentioning the religion of any one parent in the form. Right to freedom of religion is one of six fundamental rights the Constitution grants every citizen of India.

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