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Aniston has played the female protagonist in a number of comedies and anistn comedy films. Grab it before it is gone! Primary Menu Skip to content. Laying like that, Jennifer looks like she is ready to be joined by the right person too, which makes this entire presentation even more captivating. Jennifer Aniston's Undressed Moments: Other work and business ventures Aniston has appeared in various commercials and Music videos throughout her career.

Check Jenniifer out at the web's Jeennifer popular celeb nudity site! With me, you are in the right lady, when it comes to sensitive moments together Jennifer Aniston: A show that first hit the airwaves in and went off the air inFriends seemed to come out of nowhere and become a cultural touchstone. Aniston starred in the film Cakedirected by Daniel Barnz, portraying an astringent woman named Claire Simmons who struggles with chronic pain.

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