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Snotty Boy

If interested, he is bad a "cow" in the show, Otis Barnyar not be in lieu, as he has an alternateand would in other be a party or decline. He wallpapers torturing the halls, his best friends, and Mr. Like he has a woman to crave Relish, he's mostly well-meaning in his own way.

He teamed up with Mrs. Beady to capture Bigfoot in "Otis vs. Her catchphrase is, "I wanna party with you. Joey, Macy and Boil[ edit ] Three children are in the Barnyard that go to school, where Peck is the teacher. Max Fripplehoot[ edit ] Max Fripplehoot voiced by Maurice LaMarche is a wealthy man with a hot temper, who appeared in the episode "Chez Pig", where he tries to buy Pig's truffle pie recipe. But the animals refused in the end. In his next Barnyard redhead girls, Pigmalion, he was a prince who lived in a castle with his pigs, Aubrey and Max. When they approved of Pig living at the castle, he gave Otis papers that would give him custody of Pig.

When Otis was about to sign them, Pig did a large burp that knocked him out cold and the pigs took him back to the limo. He crashed into the barnyard with his spaceship, and he tries to get rid of Otis so he could be Barnyard leader. At the end, he was blasted to outer space on a spaceship, vowing to return. Jinx[ edit ] A ventriloquist dummy made by Otis so Freddy could find a talent, but then does mean things to the animals and lets Freddy take the blame. He was than defeated by Freddy, and was revealed that the dummy was controlled by termites who wanted revenge on Otis for destroying their tree which was their home.

But eventually the snake becomes friends with him when he realizes Pip is the only one who likes him. Juanita[ edit ] Juanita voiced by Grey DeLisle is a female, trapeze-artist. In Otis Eleven it was mentioned that he took Tony Twocheeks on a fishing trip but Tony never came back, leading to speculation that he drowned Tony Twocheeks. He maliciously tried to take over the barn by cheating to win a game of Fizzbin and make the night barn the gophers' party place. But when Otis saves his life from a falling anvil, Chubbs feels grateful and gives back the barn to the animals.

Wilson is a duck bully from Otis's childhood who was famous for making Otis squirt milk at himself. He only appears in "Brave Udders. He leaves the barnyard to apologize to a warthog across town and in anger of Otis's friends attacking him. Hanna[ edit ] Hanna is a hen who's Peck's crush. Peck repeatedly tried to talk to her in an episode but he always gets too shy when approaching her. Wild Mike[ edit ] Wild Mike is a troll usually kept in a cage. When released from the cage, he dances and causes all the animals around him to dance with him. He first appeared in the Barnyard movie, but was never introduced in the television series until the episode "Wild Mike's Dance Party". Veronica[ edit ] Veronica is a lovely femme fatale and Abby's cousin who appeared in the episode "Abby and Veronica," who, according to Abby, was a tomboy during childhood but appears to have dropped any masculine personality traits but still seems to be as good a fighter as Abby had described her as before her visit.

In this episode, Veronica enticed all males on the barnyard into fetching a diamond for her from a nearby jewel mine, but Abby, knowing the many perils of that particular mine, beautified herself in hopes of achieving more gorgeousness than Veronica, so she may convince all of the male animals that her relative had deceived into cancelling any plans of finding a diamond for Veronica especially Otis. Filly[ edit ] Dr. Filly parody of Dr.

Girls Barnyard redhead

Phil is a horse psychiatrist. Filly", the animals hired him to cure Peck and Freddy's arguing, but he appeared to make things worse. It was then revealed that this wasn't the real Dr. Filly and instead, it was a former patient of his, a donkey apparently named Chip, who liked to impersonate him. Shmoozy[ edit ] Shmoozy is a whale who appeared in the episode "Free Shmoozy". The animals liberate Shmoozy from a park but they end up becoming swallowed by the whale. At the end of the episode the animals discover that Shmoozy Barnyard redhead girls just playing around and has no intent of eating them.

Shmoozy talks whale language, so only Freddy understands him. Wiggleplix[ edit ] Mister Wiggleplix is an invisible hedgehog who could only be visible when covered with flour. He is Pig's friend who appeared in the episode "Mr. Because he was not visible, everybody believed he was Pig's imaginary friend. In the episode, Pig believed Barnyard redhead girls Otis killed him but in the end, otherwise it was revealed. Yankovic was seen in the episode, "Get Bessy". Canadian Crows[ edit ] A group of mischievous crows from Canada who enjoy stealing the barnyard's corn. They speak with a French accent. She was seen dating Baxter, but it was revealed that Baxter did not love her, only her prized possessions.

Prunella[ edit ] Prunella voiced by Grey DeLisle is a she-donkey that appeared in the episode "Hickory Dickory Donkey" and uses Pip as a fake boyfriend to make her real boyfriend, Thor jealous. Plucky[ edit ] "Plucky" is a Tyrannosaurus rex that starred in "Plucky and Me. They are distinct relatives of Pig who only appeared in "Pigmalion" as the main antagonists. At one point they wanted Pig to act real mean to his friends and they finally accepted pig to go live at the castle. Unfortunately, only Pig is allowed but not his friends. Before Otis can sign Pig's custody over to Fripplehoot, Pig sends out a large belch which destroys California.

Aubrey and Max reject him and leave the Barnyard. Otis asks why he did that and Pig responds he is already living the good life with his best friends. He is one of Nora and Nathan Beady's nephews and Snotty Boy's older cousin who only appeared in "Snotty and Snottier" as the main antagonist. They have Snotty Boy lure Phlegmy Boy into the barn so he can get beat up. Beady to the barn and rescues Snotty Boy from Phlegmy Boy's wrath. Phlegmy Boy is sent back to his parents and is forbidden to visit ever again. Daisy[ edit ] Daisy voiced by Courteney Cox was Otis's love interest in the movie.

She later gave birth to a male calf and named it Li'l Ben after Otis's late father, and because Daisy's husband was probably killed after a storm blew Daisy and Bessy's herd away, Otis became baby Ben's adoptive father. He annoys everyone, except Mrs. Beady, whom he acts sweet and innocently to until she is out of earshot. Snotty Boy's range of insults are rather limited and unimaginative, usually just resorting to "stinky," "stupid," or other basic insults. He says that no one exposes his undies and lives. In the premiere episode of the series, Snotty Boy is given the chore of watching the animals when the Farmer has to leave for the weekend to a non-existent event called "TurnipCon".

Instead, he takes to tormenting and hurting them. The animals seek revenge on Snotty Boy by pummeling him with eggs, stuffing him inside a bundle of hay, and then springing him into the air. His uncle then removes all the hay off of Snotty Boy with a chainsaw. Snotty Boy had a large pet snake named Stinky McStupidheadwhom he mistreated and tried to feed Pip to. He's the only barn animal named after its species.

For the most part, as the other characters besides Peck tend to have human names rsdhead names that could pass for such. Cam Clarke A ferret who lives at the barn. Best friends with Peck the rooster, and constantly scold himself for thinking about eating him or any other chicken on the barn. His rednead and neurotic nature just makes it hard not to love him. Freddy has orange fur, which isn't something you see on real ferrets. He becomes noticeably less hairy than he was in The Movie. Probably not to Peck's extent, but he tends to suffer a lot of abuse, too.

Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Despite his dim-witted nature, he's managed to save his friends from his ventriloquist puppet, Mr. Jinx which was controlled by ants as revenge for them unknowingly destroying their home. Has a lot of rather abnormal traits to him. Is easily the more dim witted of the farm animals next to Pig and, to an extent, Otis.

Pip is not alone involved with the development's overtime ranks as tirls as Meredith, Peck, Pig, etc. Mina is also very important, only to employers, has an attractive-compulsive addiction for organizing, and valentines slavic.

Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: While he has a tendency to crave Peck, he's mostly well-meaning in his own way. His golden fur certainly helps him fit this trope. He must discipline himself not to eat any barn animals, especially not Peck. He doesn't really look like a ferret. Instead, he looks more like a skinny hyena. When he isn't trying to eat Peck. With Peck, a guy he has tried to eat more than once.

Tries to be, though he's more of a Butt-Monkey. He has his moments. Also, considering the fact that he has all sorts of psychological problems. Peck A rooster who lives at the barn.

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