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This includes regular brushing to maintain good oral health.

And if you dog or cat sed benefit from a little tranquility, we can facilitate that as well and help alleviate stress. While your your pet is healthy you are in control to prevent an illness from happening. We're happy to have him with us! In addition to cats and dogs, Dr.

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Rigo Correra Urban Care Team Rigo Veteriharian experienced in day practice as well as high quality emergency medicine. Disease can be present at birth congenital or be acquired along the way. Praesent vel ex dignissim, rhoncus eros luctus, dignissim arcu. She has been published in veterinary and human medical peer-reviewed journals and writes for the Texas Veterinary Medical Association. Marya shares her life with three dogs and a husband who bakes for her and sometime her lucky co-workers.

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We are currently trying to verify that Ty comes to work each day as a magenta shimmer of light. She has held senior technician positions at well-regarded referral and ER hospitals and brings a fantastic skill set to Urban Animal. Marya enjoys the quality care each pet here gets, and she enjoys getting to know the people the pets are attached to and helping make everyone's experience better. Visit our Services overview for more details.

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