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Then I began getting the most superb sensation all over me and that was followed by an urgent sort of urging sensation deep in my pussy and for some reason I sort of rotated my hips so my pussyhole was better positioned for his cock and actually felt it as I could feel the top of his cock pushing against my womb every time he thrust in. The sensations were getting stronger and stronger with every thrust into me he made then what set me right off was when his hands came up under my top and began squeezing my little nipples. I exploded, my pussy and brain exploded into pure pleasure and I began groaning and moaning, my hips began fucking up hard at his cock and my arms went around him and pulled him hard against me as the most stupendous orgasm just took control of my body.

I could feel the rim of his helmet scraping all along my fucktube as it went in and out of me. I can still remember that time like an hour ago as I laid there with my legs spread fucking back at his cock like a little slut. The thought itself was so sexy but it was equally difficult to make nitu, my wife, agree for that. As she is very loyal and traditional kind of women. But then one day while our sex was over and we were lying on our bed, I aroused her saying that now she is too old and frightened girl. As to my expectation she took the challenge and we bet for that.

She said, "I can still make people walk behind me" I knew this very well because Nitu is really very sexy. Even when we go for any shopping we notice people trying to have a look at her boobs or hips. I took the challenge and we decided our plan. Next day evening we separately went to a remote park where we never visited before. Niu was wearing a low cut sleeveless blouse with a plan dark blue silk saree. Today she was looking extremely sexy. From a long distance a showed a young boy of around She sat near to him with a marginal distance.

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After some eye looks, I noticed she managed to have a conversion with him. Suddenly they both started to walk together in the park. I was surprised to see Nitu so near to a stranger. They managed to pass nearby to me as I heard Nitu saying " Sanjay, I am really bored with my husband as he is very narrow minded" Of course this was to tease me. But per decided I was not supposed to show my presence I remained quite. After that I rushed to our pre booked room in a hotel. I hide myself behind a curtain as planned before. After few moments I noticed Nitu with that stranger enter the room.

He was caressing her open shoulder and Nitu was sitting in front prak me on the b! I was shocked when sanjay kissed her neck fucied Nitu was looking at me giving me a naughty smile. I was actually seeing my wife being loved by a strange guy and was not able to do anything because of the promise I gave to Nitu. After some talk they both got up and hands in each others both began to slowly have a lip-to-lip kissing.

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