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After all, it is — in my humble opinion — one of the best hand-held masturbators I have used in a very long time. Her ample Pejis pushed at the front displaying eye drawing cleavage. For two, the entire contraption looks more like one of those big camping flashlights than a hand-held blowjob robot. Its motor is also guaranteed to last at least hours, which means you can get your dick sucked for almost 22 days straight without stopping. Nor does she know yet that the Autoblow 2 does a better job on my penis than she does. The material of the sleeve is more or less lifelike and, depending on the size of the sleeve you pick, is plenty big enough to accommodate your member and tight enough without cutting off your circulation.

I turn it back down to medium speed to finish myself off.

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Sizes range according to penis size as follows: I have a lot of really good things to say about it so far, and I have been using mine about three times a week for the last two months. I clean off and clean up.

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