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It should be noted that many capable anglers prefer high tide at Fresh Pond - I suggest that each angler try this spot at different tide stages and determine for themselves what they prefer. Being the first structure, a lot of bait tends to congregate among the rocks. Fresh Pond Rocks After parking at Ningret Refuge, at the end of East Beach Road walk back down the dirt road not the beach to Blue Shutters Beach, in the fall you can park at Blue Shutters, but not in the summer cut through the parking lot on to the beach and turn right, from there it is about a five-minute walk to Fresh Pond Rocks.

Metal Lipped Swimmers work big time at Watch Hill! During the fall season the CRMC Coastal Resources Management Council issues permits that allow for four wheel drive vehicles to access the beach either through the sand trail accessed via Ninigret Refuge parking lot or in some years, through the Blue Shutters Beach parking lot.

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If you're using the long wand, eel patterns, and black deceivers work well. You'll need the bigger ones to reach the good water. Cast into the current, open the bail or free spooland feed the line out smoothly. Moonless tides in the dead of night with favorable winds produce the best, with dusk and dawn productive as well. Though the long stretches of pristine beaches are pleasing to look that, and attract hordes of clam cake munching tourists, they hold few ambush opportunities for Mr. One thing one can be sure of however, given the lack of structure, these fish will be on the move most of the time.

101 Ri stripper

A fish hooked in an outgoing breachway current will fight much harder than usual so be patient and keep your head. Another time, I went to pull my leader by the barrel swivel in order to beach a good fish only to have the 50 pound material break; dead center. By the time I landed the fish she was banged up pretty bad, abrasions were visible up and down the sides of the fish. Two hours either side of slack high is good, but the two hours after high is generally better than before.

I like to fish Fresh Pond at mid-tide. When the wind is out of Rl favorable direction i. Watch Hill Light House Watch Hill, though an old money enclave with rabidly enforced daytime parking restrictions, supports two outstanding fishing spots, Watch Hill Lighthouse and Napatree Point.

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