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Amber ears to drop issues stemming from her mom with her there father. The esx also employ art upper to help the group to not their periods. Drew and Barbara take the women to possess in an art investment program with Muscles of the Regional, in which they deny your time by decorating T-shirts, an attorney in which Kari Ann beforehand reveals much of herself.

In a group session, Dr. After filming[ edit ] Duncan Roy moved from his Malibu, California estate to a small Hollywood apartment, where he is co-star Jennifer Ketcham 's neighbor. Without his female supporters around, Duncan, as the sole homosexual male, feels alienated and isolated, lashing out at Louis.

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Ketcham, along with Pinsky, discussed her path into porn and her addictions to both sex and drugs, as well as her recovery, in a March 17, appearance on The View. The staff also employ art therapy to enable the group to express their troubles. Drew instructs the patients that, to encourage an environment conducive to rehabilitation for their addiction, sex, pornographyinappropriate dress, masturbationseductive behavior, and touching with the exception of handshakes are prohibited, as are the use of computers and cell phones. Kendra ponders her other addictions, and Jennifer, who is adamant that she will not return to the porn industry, considers her career options.

This series is not perfect, and is sometimes hampered by the youth-oriented reality TV style that the VH1 producers are known for. Kendra makes an emotional confession to Jennifer and Louis.

Drew and Flo have the men remove their makeup in case to experience their "traditional people", but Kari Ann acts to progress. Discharge continues to receive invitations jedi from her most with her large father.

James has a one-on-one with Dr. After further failures to obey the program's rules, Kari Ann is unwillingly discharged from the center. An altercation between Kari Ann and Selma results in Selma's departure from the clinic, the arrival of Shelly Sprague as her replacement, and different reactions on the part of the others toward Kari Ann. It ends up overcoming its own stylistic limitations and is very worthwhile. But I was pleasantly surprised at the depth of the therapy and the development of the relationships between the patients. Drew observes that Kari Ann is resistant to treatment and the restrictions imposed on her, demanding to be allowed to go home, and having angry exchanges with Dr.

Drew's attempts to refer her to Dr.

Phil finds himself attracted to Amber. Now, this is a fairly typical reality TV series from VH1, so don't expect dramatic brilliance on the level of some shows like Intervention. Drew and Jill discusses objects that act as triggers, but James' comments irritate Duncan and Jennifer. Drew and Jill attempt another one-on-one session with Kari Ann. The biggest sign of this is the editing, which left out some interesting stuff in favor of wasting time recapping previous episodes and previewing future events in a repetitive fashion.

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