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bikini orient beach - Picture of Bikini Beach, Orient Bay

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The Kontiki will open in December. There is als one convenient store in biklni village that opened its doors after Irma. Orient Bay, or in French "Baie Orientale", sweeps around a blue cove, facing east, as the name suggests. The 2 mile long, white powdered sand beach is protected from the Atlantic waves by a reef, and the bottom has a very gradual slope.

The area has been recognized Orisntal a marine reserve, so snorkeling in the marine park is just incredible. There besch also great snorkeling off nearby Caye Verte Green Keyone of the small beautiful islands dotting the coast, such as Tintamarre and Pinel Island do. Watch this video for a first impression: Orient Beach Video Click for video in pop up window! Orient Beach with beach bars and restaurants, and Orient Village. Or see this video on YouTube.

Bikini beach Oriental

Orient Bay Beach - Before Irma Orient Beach is the most developed, the most popular and the busiest beach on the island, probably the most famous beach in the entire Caribbean. Clothing is optional in front of the Club, and it is publicly accessible. The other parts of the beach has more clothing, but in fact you may encounter nude sunbathers anywhere. Orient Bay is the only beach on St. Further down the beach, work is also underway to rebuild other beach bars and restaurants but the way it looked on Tuesday it could take some time before these jobs are finished. It was the initiative of Luis, a South American who sells pareos and swimwear. In front if his cabin a local man sits in the sand, displaying some handicraft, but he does not want to be photographed, unless I give him 5 dollars.

Unfortunately, I went to the beach with empty pockets, so that picture did not come about. The return of several beach vendors — peddling hats, pareos and other odds and ends — indicates that Orient Beach is now again attractive for business as well.

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Two American tourists, camping out under an improvised tent, said that they are happy to be back in St. Maarten, though they had expected more people on the beach. Why not go to the Club Orient Beach? Chez Leandra is back with an improvised beach bar. A destroyed excavator rests in the sand near The Palms. A small operation but still jet ski rentals are back on Orient Beach. American tourists enjoy the beach under an improvised tent.

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