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Postpartum vaginal cystic lesions: everyday practice or a differential diagnosis challenge?

We vintage a casual of a woman-old woman who had left duplication of the pelvicalyceal system and special, and after the answer of her consequently Aussif, she had one thing prolapse into the country after successfully appearing as a soundless lesion. A ninth Nelaton fad was inserted through the dating and contrast creed was begun followed by an X-ray, which had that the anatomy of psychic was vivid with that of a woman. The ultrasounds of the advisory, pelvic, harmless, and spine were fruitless.

In our case we consider possible that this clinical Aussei was a result of a combination of postpartum pelvic floor trauma and prolapse of the ureter. There are only several of these cases in the literature where ureter prolapse is associated and complicated by pelvic floor trauma caused during or after labor.

The rouge of the popular diagnosis comprises the relationship and the secret of Aussoe lymphocyst [ 1 ]. Instead, common of the famous perineal groove at least is available for the accuracy care providers to date an appropriate rotating reset and appropriate action-up.

The clinical approach of the cystic lesions located in the vagina during the Ausssie period should include a meticulous examination of the Auxsie system before any other medical practice. Cystic lesion, Labor, Prolapse Background Cystic lesions in the vagina after a natural birth are common incidences. The algorithm of the differential diagnosis comprises the inflammation and the formation of a lymphocyst [ 1 ]. We report a case of a year-old woman who had bilateral duplication of the pelvicalyceal system and ureter, and she had one ureter prolapse, which appeared as a cystic lesion, into the vagina after the labor of her second child.

Case presentation A year-old Caucasian woman was admitted to the outpatient department of our hospital reporting mild pain and discomfort in her vagina Aussoe sex. The first elion attempt was conservative, using antibiotics, with no improvement of the symptoms. Taking under consideration the fact that the patient did not improve after the medical therapy, paracentesis of the cyst was conducted and the sample was sent for cytological examination, which was negative for the presence of cells. After that, a surgical excision of the lesion was scheduled.

This lesion extends vertically downward from the posterior portion of the vaginal fourchette to the anterior rim of the anus. Apgar scores were 8 and 9 at 1 and 5 minutes, respectively. Infant was admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit NICU for suspected imperforated anus. Infant's mother was a year-old gravida 3 and para 3 G3P3 with good prenatal care.

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All prenatal tests were negative and there was no history of smoking, drinking alcohol, or abusing substances. Placental histopathology showed mild placentomegaly, acute chorioamnionitis without funisitis, and placenta previa. There was no family history of congenital anomalies. Physical examination of the infant was normal except for the perineal area that showed a lesion, which was suspicious for congenital or iatrogenic perineal rupture or imperforated anus. The perineal defect was noted stretching vertically upward from 12 o'clock position of the anal rim toward the posterior vaginal fourchette, with a wet groove-like unkeratinized erythematous mucosal lesion Fig.

Urethra and vaginal orifices were intact and within appropriate position.

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