Lick granuloma treatment for dogs

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Acral Lick Dermatitis

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Sometimes it's triggered by a skin irritation. Sometimes it starts as a scrape or injury. Often, there doesn't seem to be a trigger at all. These poor uncomfortable pets seem obsessed. Teeatment keep licking until all the fur is gone and then continue until the skin starts to go. They rip through bandages almost as fast as you can put them on. If you put one of those big lampshade-type collars on them, they either find a way to lick in spite of the collar, or they rub the bothersome area up against furniture or across the floor.

Dogs treatment Lick granuloma for

You literally have to tear the animal away from her foot or wherever the problem is. It's amazing how strong treatmenr fluffy little creature can be when she wants to get back to licking that sore — that sore that has turned into a lick granuloma. A Very Common, Very Frustrating Condition Lick granuloma is a condition in which a pet, most often a dog, continues to lick a single spot usually on a leg until all the hair is gone and a perpetual sore develops. All veterinarians have seen these cases. And all veterinarians know that what used to be the magic answer for a lick granuloma stops working sooner or later.

We all know that whatever the most common cause of these things is in a given area, we can't count on it to always be the cause.

If the pet or the vet moves to a new area, we start all over again looking for the cause and the best cure. We make the diagnosis by examining the skin, and by finding out how much Llck behavior is noted at home. We sometimes recommend a vranuloma biopsy or other procedures to make sure that we are not dealing with a similarly-appearing skin condition that would be treated quite differently. A specimen may be sent to a laboratory so we can find out what kind of bacteria is present in the granuloma. While making the diagnosis is rarely difficult, finding out what has caused the granuloma can be a challenge, especially when it has been going on for a long time.

How are lick granulomas treated? Many different treatments are used for lick granulomas. Sometimes a dog may receive several different treatments before one works very effectively. Some of the treatments that are used for lick granulomas include: There is usually an infection within the granuloma that contributes to the continued irritation.

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Spending grankloma time actively playing and walking with your dog Avoiding confinement in kennels or crates Obtaining a companion for your dog behavioral Lidk Psychological drug therapy, either short-term or lifelong medications to reduce anxiety, stress, and obsessive-compulsive tendencies Consulting a behavior specialist Because each dog is unique, different combinations of therapy may be recommended for your pet. With some time and effort, lick granulomas can be controlled in most dogs. At SkinVet Clinic, our mission is to provide dogs and cats with the most advanced skin and ear care available.

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