Stoptech brakes suck

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Nice guy rjsmd Nice guy This may be true, but so that others don't extrapolate information incorrectly, let it be known that the Trophy Series calipers are a bit more compact than the ST's.

Brakes suck Stoptech

The full billet design of the Trophy Series allowed StopTech to trim more material. Though not an overwhelming difference, it might provide a mm or two additional clearance over the ST big brake caliper. I'm not suggesting you were necessarily commenting on fitment beyond the Trophy Series kit you ordered, just that the comments could be misinterpreted as applying to the ST series, which is not necessarily the case. One should inquire specifically about the brake package they intend to purchase, not extrapolate possible fitment from a sibling product in the line. Nice guy BTW 14" is mm, not that's 15" and not available for Supras: Nice guy houstonT I am a bit more low key than Guilly and went with Black.

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I will post some pics later. But in terms of pricing, the guys on this site find their pricing alittle high and will buy the BAERS over them. I guess it is all about money mike berjet I guess it is all about money mike dms that or the fact that stoptech doesn't make a rear set. I plan to get new wheels next summer and put racing rubber on the factories. Improving the performance of front brakes means the rears do less work because the weight transfer to the front is greater during braking. StopTech specifically address this issue on their site. The stock 04 rear rotors are solid and can't dissapate the heat generated.

For sck track days braes autocross, the 05 OEM brakes with good brake pads should be on your list. Plus the rotors are easy and less expensive when you need to replace them. If you just have to have duck larger rotor for the rear, consider the I'll post a write-up on this option later this week. Consider the C5 Z06s don't have a rear rotor that is this big. They do in many other applications but not GTO mike Yes they do. The part number is It is in their Sept. If you still don't believe me contact Dutch over at Baer DutchM baer. I've been running a set since February. Huge improvment over stock. For some damn reason we are listed in the same category as the Cavalier and Sunfire, how insulting we're listed as a J-Body, aren't we a V-Body though?

It says in the fitment note 18" or larger wheels required, not all will work, check with their template.

Sure would like to know if those'd fit my wheels, they'd be far cheaper I imagine than any of the other 6-piston sets. Being single does have it's benefits! When I bought them during the summer ofnobody else was making a big brake kit 4 or 6 piston calipers. They said they weren't going to make one. Don't get me wrong, I love my Harrop brakes. It's nice to have a steady steering wheel when braking again! Haven't had a chance to get on them hard yet as I am still breaking them in, but they feel pretty good under light braking.

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