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The 25 Most Amazing Christian Summer Camps

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Though this camp is based in Westby, Wisconsin, campers who attend the World Religions in America program will travel to Chicago, Illinois to complete their camp experience. You can learn more about the Living Waters Bible Camp indlviduals. Camp Willow Run Camp Willow Run is a unique Christian summer camp for youth and teens in that it provides an interdenominational experience for campers. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of this camp is its design. It is based on a railroad theme with former boxcars as cabins with an authentic steam engine and caboose to complete the look.

Another unique aspect of this camp is that there are set times each day for three classes that campers sign up for in advance.

Camps for individuals Teen church

This allows campers to focus on a specific skill set to improve upon during the duration of the camp. You can learn more about Camp Willow Run here. Ondividuals camp is perfect for campers who are avid baseball players and avid swimmers. Ultimate Swim campers will receive professional training from Olympic medalist Josh Davis while Ultimate Baseball campers will receive professional baseball training from former MLB player Tewn Bowie. In addition to these ultimate camps, T Bar M Camps inrividuals offers Camp Travis, which indiviiduals an adventure camp for teenagers seeking to master challenges such as water skiing, wrangling, or a triathlon.

You can individuas more about the T Bar M Camps here. Camp Ihdividuals Ranked the hcurch one camp in Texas by the Top Educational Degrees churcb, Camp Olympia offers choice to campers in order to provide an individualized experience for each person. While most camps provide a basic structure of activities that campers must follow, Camp Olympia allows campers Teen choose Tden activities that interest them. Another TTeen of this cwmps, located in Trinity, Texas, is that the cabins, restrooms, and dining halls are all air-conditioned. Finally, this camp allow parents churcb stay connected to their campers through daily blog updates and the posting of over pictures daily.

Parents receive fpr password to the protected site where indivoduals can see photos of their camper at the end of each day. Indiviruals can learn more about Camp Olympia here. It has several programs for campers of all ages at each location. In addition to overnight experiences, a program that ihdividuals Pine Cove apart from other camps is its Camp in the Individuaals program for children in first through sixth grade. Individjals day camp is Acmps in various cities and states in the south and allows students to spend five days with other campers their age exploring a wide variety of activities.

Some of these activities, in addition to a daily Bible study, include laser tag, a climbing wall, a water slide, a bungee trampoline and, the Pine Cove classic, Octaball. You can learn more about Pine Cove Camps here. This small camp has a western twist that allows for campers to learn skills such as rounding and working cattle as well as trail horseback riding. While the camp does provide programs for youth, what makes this program really special is its Teen Camp program, designed for teenagers ages 13 and up. Teen campers are allowed to sleep in an extra hour each day so that they are prepared for the evening agenda that awaits after the younger campers have gone to bed.

After the devotion time younger campers will return to their cabins while members of the teen camp program will participate in a variety of activities designed for their age group. Evening activities include night zip-lining, night swimming, building a campfire, and much more. You can learn more about Camp Ocoee here. Camp Pinnacle One of the major philosophies behind this Camp Pinnacle summer camp is to disconnect campers from the electronics that they are sometimes tied to so tightly. Camp Pinnacle is located in Henderson, North Carolina which provides a beautiful backdrop for a wide variety of outdoor adventure activities.

Some of these activities include, but are not limited to, rock climbing, white water rafting, mountain biking and hiking. While there are outdoor overnight activities designed to test the mental and physical strength of a camper, the staff provides many comforts and conveniences to ensure participants have fun while learning essential skills. You can learn more about Camp Pinnacle summer camp here. Camp Como Are you looking for a camp for your child that occurs at a non-traditional time of year? Then check out Camp Como in beautiful Como, Colorado! Because this camp is located in the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, one of its most unique features is the fact that it offers programs during all four seasons.

Its winter camp includes activities such as alpine skiing, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, tubing, and a variety of indoor sports and activities. In the summer, adventure camps like the Ozark Adventure trip are offered which challenge participants to such things as canoeing and cave spelunking in the Ozark National Scenic River Ways. You can learn more about Camp Como here. The Verge, Roots, Surge, and Thrive programs all focus on encouraging campers to become involved in camp life by offering 15 activity periods of the course of days. Camp is a chance to explore, get away for the summer and do some fun activities.

Young children, however, are not the only ones who can benefit from Christian camp. There is much that teenagers can gain from camp as well. For them, a Christian camp can be a very important step in their spiritual and social development by encouraging the following: Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone For many teenagers, camp is their first experience of being away from home for an extended period. They are in a new place with few, if any, people they know. While this can seem daunting at first, most teens settle quickly and easily into the camp environment.

The numerous camp activities and events offered help make this transition easier and aid in the formation of friendships. By the end of their time at camp, teens are filled with a sense of accomplishment at having faced and conquered challenges, formed new friendships and made personal discoveries without the assistance of their parents. Intentionally inviting different voices to teach or share from within the community. For example, empowering volunteer leaders to teach or share their story, as opposed to the youth director creating a series of talks for the weekend.

Scheduling one-on-one meetings between an adult leader and a student as part of the camp experience. While many camps encourage this interaction, it is often difficult to find the time to meet with students among the various camp activities.

De-programming the schedule more than usual, opening up more space chjrch play, rest, and relational connection. Introducing students to ways to engage God through contemplative prayer practices and silence, and allowing time for practicing these new disciplines. Bringing in Collaborative Voices Some camps have changed models from individuaals single speaker-centered teaching experience to a more collaborative model in which there are multiple voices heard by the students throughout the weekend. The traditional model highlights a gifted speaker who gives four messages throughout the weekend retreat. In some cases, after each message the students meet in small groups and talk about what the speaker had to say.

This adapted model takes advantage of a high quality communicator and adds an interactive approach to the learning process for high school students by breaking the groups down into more manageable sizes, like a classroom. Taking a different twist on this model, the collaborative approach highlights different speakers throughout the camp experience, either through a large group teaching or by offering many teaching opportunities that students can choose from. This model allows for a range of voices, giving students an opportunity to learn in a variety of ways from different perspectives.

The responses of the students are mixed on these approaches.

Some students like both the routine and the relational connection they can feel with one speaker over an entire weekend. With different speakers, cburch may feel like it was difficult to find a rhythm during the teaching. Other students recognize the value of hearing different voices throughout the camp experience, and enjoy getting different perspectives each time. Application for Your Ministry So how should we view camps and use the camp experience within our own context? How do we know which camp is best for our group? What is the purpose of camps and retreats in our overall process for spiritual formation within our community?

Here are a few suggestions for working this out in your ministry. Many churches and groups go to camp because it is an expected part of youth programming, but do not really ever ask why they go to camp.

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How does a camp or retreat experience benefit the spiritual formation of students? Does the timing of the camp experience flow with other ministry goals? For example, attending camp at the beginning of the summer might be an intentional way to build community. Does the cost of camp money, time, human resources, etc. Be open and courageous enough to partner with or change camps, even if there is legacy and loyalty with your particular camp. This can be particularly difficult if the students have great memories at a specific camp or if the church attends a denominational camp.

Creating a partnership with the camp can be a way to have a voice in forming the camp experience without changing camps. Is the student experience at camp detrimental to their overall spiritual growth? How can I partner with the program team at the camp to create more meaningful experiences? For ideas about helping navigate change, check out our free Making Changes Stick Toolkit resources. Maybe you have heard the old adage of measuring a youth camp experience:

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