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In a superabsorbent polymer, the links in this chain are like sponges waiting to absorb water. Without water, the chain is tightly wound—thus the bird-mite-sized beads—but when encountering a liquid, the chain expands. Superabsorbent polymers can expand up to times their original weight, becoming up to In the s, a team of scientists working for the USDA developed a superabsorbent polymer they called the Super Slurper, which was used as a tool to help conserve and distribute water. Today, they are mostly used for diapers; they are why a baby's butt balloons after they pee. The Orbeez that kids are playing with today are the same material that absorbed their piss when they were babies.

Even though the toy is essentially diaper pellets, Orbeez have gone viral. It's difficult to quantify the internet mania around the brand, but it's clear these shape-shifting orbs are prime fodder for YouTube. The original Orbeez TV commercial has racked up nearly 60 million views. Some unofficial Orbeez videos are even higher: The official Orbeez YouTube channel, called Orbeezone, has more than million views. More than just product videos and commercials, Orbeez has created ridiculous stunts and online TV shows based around their products. The weirdest recurring show, Chef Set Go! I do not understand this, because it seems like it would encourage kids to eat Orbeez, and Orbeez should not be eaten.

More on that in a second. But most Chef Set Go!

Orbeez's popularity can be credited to a little girl named Maya, according to the Los Angeles Times. AroundMaya was obsessed with the squishy polymer beads bxlls a vase her parents had sitting on a table in their London home. Her parents, Sharon Cohen and Ron Brawer, curiously watched her slap these strange beads when they suddenly had an idea—a billion-dollar idea: These should be mj toy. It helped that Brawer was a veteran of the toy industry. Brawer and Cohen decided to commit to creating pofn toy out of superabsorbent polymers, which others had attempted before with minor success.

The living room became a showroom. The dining room was the meeting room. Dinner conversation was business conversation. A few hours later, the bloated Orbeez would rise out of the water and roll down a tiny spiral slide. Because of Brawer's previous connections, the family was able to get the product onto shelves in Target and Toys R Us. But their big moment came inwhen they raised more than a million dollars to create a TV commercial for Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. The commercial was set in a wacky animated lab, emphasizing the magical toughness of the new colorful orbs. It "catapulted the company," according to Brawer. Since the Magic Maker, the Orbeez product line has grown to be completely bonkers.

There's an "ultimate soothing spa" that lets kids "bathe" their feet in a plastic pit of hot Orbeez—yes, hot Orbeez—as well as a "massaging body spa," which is a "sophisticated and stylish" purple squishy chair that allows a stressed-out tween to "literally sit in an inflatable lounge filled with Orbeez. She's covered in goopy orbs. Some are smooshed into the carpet. Please use Karma Decay to see if your gif has already been submitted.

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