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This is produced for both G-spot inhc clit use. The references, creases, veins, everything else makes this toy only. This toy is also worth it!.

Have A Clitoral Orgasm Before: Flexible, firm and with a textured shell to not only make it look like the real thing but feel like it too, you will soon discover total ecstasy. It felt very realistic. Not for the faint hearted you can tease yourself or your partner with this big boy, with the suction cup base for easy use, there will never be a dull moment with this larger than life extreme dildo around. The lines, creases, veins, everything just makes this toy great.

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Dilo and feels fantastic. Made me orgasm very quickly. My favorite large sex toys deserve some humble recognition so, here it is. The bigger the better! It will help you become more relaxed and also increase your chances of climaxing by penetrating with a larger toy. Always use lubricant with any of these dildos shown, it makes for a much more satisfying ride! If you have a partner that you want to share your sex toys with, try allowing them to take control.

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I loved the feel of the veins to be exact! The vibrations are ridiculously strong. I was moaning and groaning after just a couple of minutes bouncing around on this, my husband seemed to enjoy watching too! Complete with a handy suction cup, this extremely girthy dildo is more than worthy to be on this list. Other Thoughts From Users: This seemingly normal dildo actually doubles up as a vibrator so you can enjoy spine-tingling sensations inside and out.

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