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My Rules For A Fuck Buddy

And he went accordingly. I am your website.

Coating my cock with her juices as they run down my balls. She raises up to the tip and lets the juices drip down my cock. Then, drops quickly, to penetrate deep with in her. I'm still not sure why I cannot touch Liteeotica, I definitely do not want her to stop. Just as suddenly, Literitica stops and raises to the tip turns and re- kneels and sucks me into her mouth. Pulling hard, moving quickly, she squeezes the base of my shaft like a cock ring, engorging me. I have become so swollen. I can feel myself about to explode and still I hold back, until she tweaks my nipple. I burst out of my cock and into her mouth. She takes me deep, swallowing all my seed. I hear her gulp, then suck me hard once again, milking me with her mouth.

Enough, you need to stop, I'm getting real sensitive. She won't let go, I feel myself loosing it again as I still cum. Never have I been so far. I want my cock to relax and it won't.

In bethesda, in a straightforward phone call with Mistress Buddy Number One, I fleshed him when he's committed back to hook. Solo don't go recent in olive with someone else. Retirement Buddy Number One did mine that to me.

I grab her and twist her around. Wiping off the table in one pass. I'm still hard and going to fuck the shit out her. I bend her right onto the coffee table and kneel behind her. I line up my cock at just her opening. I arch my back as I pound my cock into her. Still can't believe I'm still hard Literorica I slam into her, slapping my balls against her clit. Her pussy is so wet and tight. It clenches onto Literotica fuck buddy stories cock and doesn't let go as I pull in and out, deeper with each thrust. I grab Literotica fuck buddy stories hair and arch her back. I leaned forward to Literotca ear.

Literootica I go back upright I use my other hand, slapping her ass, hard, feeling her pussy clench harder with each spank. Now her fck vigorously against Litdrotica cock, making hit her harder. My cock never having been so deep. We both scream together. Once he reached his powerful orgasm and dumped his sweet and tangy cum into my already drenched pussy, I fell to the floor. Spent and dizzy I had to stop the room from spinning somehow before I could stand on my own two feet. From what I can remember, I wasn't able to stand on my own and Fuck Buddy Number One had to help me up and deposited me onto my couch in a sitting upright position.

Thankfully, I have known Fuck Buddy Number One and have been fucking him for about two years, give or take. We do have a friendship and even started out dating each other. We have been through some things that I can't talk about here. Fuck Buddy Number One sat with me until my head stopped spinning and my breathing returned to somewhat normal and I no longer felt like Jodi Foster in "The Exorcist". He has been around the longest of any of my fuck buddies and I know I can trust him. A Fuck Buddy can be a one night stand after a night of drunken debauchery.

However, I don't recommend this type of buddy. If alcohol or drugs are involved inhibitions are lowered and he may not have worn a condom and the other person would have been okay with this. This Fuck Buddy can lead to dangerous consequences. Such as a kid or worse, a STD? Who wants those things? Even though, I have had my fair share of one night stands and I think of just how stupid and careless I was back in the day. Popping up at the same grocery store or most frequented places. Thinking about it now, he is okay with me hooking up with anyone I want to hook up with.

Just as long as I tell him about it.

He gets off on someone else fyck me. There Litwrotica no questions and worries regarding him. We have that mutual respect for one another that I spoke of earlier. Plus, we've been doing this for two sotries now and we are good friends. He is just the right amount of rough with me. His roughness with me turns me on. Where as, Fuck Buddy Number Two is extremely rough with me. Even when he finger fucks me, I feel like he is invading me in a way that Litertoica not pleasurable. Trust is a big issue with any sex partner, whether it is a fuck buddy or someone on a more intimate level. I don't want Literotic going around talking about me. My sexual prowess is not something I wish to be discussed.

I hated how good he fucked me. I hated how good his cock filled my holes. I hated how hard he could make me cum. I hated how much I loved the way he treated me. I fucking hated him. But I Literotida resist him. I did what he said, when he said, where he said. He was my weak spot, my curse. This time was no different than the others. He simply texted me "15 minutes whore". I know what that meant. He would be here in 15 minutes and fuck me senseless. He didn't care what I am stiries, what my plan is. He simply didn't care any of these details. He just wanted and he sure would stkries.

Like I said, this time, was no different. The second I read the message, my pussy started to Literoyica wet. It needed his cock. I needed his cock. And to satisfy my needs I would do whatever necessary. True to his word, after 15 minutes he was at my door. And I was greeting him in my most expensive and sexiest babydoll. I was dressed for him, knowing he didn't care what I wear for him. He just cared about my body and my holes, like a cheap whore. And he treated me like one. And I loved this treatment. This was what I want, what I need. I craved for this. I waited patiently for weeks, sometimes for months for his call.

When he entered the house I tried to hug his neck and kiss him. But he pushed me so hard, that I lost my balance and fell on the ground. Do your job, do the only thing that you are good at whore! I don't know; maybe I was trying to bond with him or my subconsciousness was helping him to humiliate me more. Quickly I took my place before him on my knees. While he was pulling my hair, I was dutifully trying to untie his belt in order to free his cock. When I reached his semi-erect cock I eagerly started licking, sucking and stroking. In less than a couple of minutes, it has reached its full growth and ready to invade my holes.

After that I slowed my pace down, savouring its taste, enjoying the feeling of it in my hands or in my mouth. I was swirling my tongue around of each ball, carefully sucking each of them. I was slow, I was enjoying the sensation of serving his cock again. Licking his shaft, gently sucking its bulbous head. I was compensating every minute I spent without it. Suddenly, "Do you call this sucking, you piece of shit? Grabbing my hair he slapped my face. Cheap street hookers are more useful than you, whore! After several slaps and spits, he pushed me to the wall.

He put my hands together above my head. Open your mouth whore! I was trying to keep up with his tempo. He was fast, hard and relentless. He was skull-fucking me. I was just a useless hole for him. And he acted accordingly. My head was banging against the wall, but it didn't matter to him. He just kept fucking my head with all his power. When he stopped assaulting my mouth, I was nothing but a mess. My face was covered with tears and spits and I was disoriented from lack of air and hard fucking. But these were not his problems. He just grabbed me by my hair and threw me to the floor.

On your hands and knees. Like a good pet. After pulling myself together swiftly I started to crawl. At the same time, I was wiggling my hips for him. I wanted to tease him. I wanted to make him hornier. So when he started to fuck me, he would FUCK me. I wanted him to fuck me to my limits. That way, after he was done with me, he would leave a broken mess behind him. It was a dangerous and potentially destructive relationship, at least for me. It was like an addiction, consuming my soul. But I couldn't resist it. And maybe I shouldn't. I didn't know, I didn't care.

All I wanted was him. Actually him fucking and humiliating me. I didn't give a shit about him as a person or his thoughts.

I just wanted him to give me what I wanted. And Literotifa was desperate about do or give him whatever necessary for my needs. He knew that and actually he was kind enough to give me what I needed. I knew this was his kindness, he probably could fuck anyone, anytime he wants.

Stories Literotica fuck buddy

He didn't need me, I was not that special for him. I was just a hole for him. A Literotica fuck buddy stories that he could replace anytime easily with another one. When we finally arrived at the bedroom, "Undress me, whore" he commanded. I was undressing him slowly, without a rush. As much as I wanted his cock inside me at that moment, I was holding myself. I was playing with him, teasing him further. Kissing and licking his thighs, his abs and every part of his body I slowly undressed him. He was standing fully naked before me, his cock glistening with my spit. He was like a some kind of God, waiting to be worshipped. He was my God. And I sure would worship him. He grabbed my hair, asking "Did you dress fancy for me whore?

Here, my most expensive lingerie has become a rag in seconds. This represented the value he gave me. I was nothing but a ragdoll for him. He didn't respect anything about me. Neither me nor my feelings. He treated me like shit. I was nothing for him. And I loved this. I loved this deep down in my soul. He turned me and tied my hands behind my back with the leftovers of my babydoll. Then turning me again, he slapped me hard and pushed me to the bed. Finally, the moment I have been waiting so much was coming. He spread my legs roughly and climbed to the bed.

The tip of his hard cock was at the entry of my pussy. Then with just a single stroke he was all the way in. His crotch banged to my clitoris. He was finally in me! I was so relieved. All that anticipations building up in me has satisfied at last. Without losing time he started to fuck me with long, hard thrusts. Ohhh God, thank you! Thank you, I missed this. I've missed your cock. Yes, I am dirty whore.

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