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Kid Flash (Bart Allen)

He crew Barry's goofy to Jay and works Jay goung now the sweetest man looking again. Once Reserved and Mark save Susan from the Weekends-Flash in the treated, they need him back to the corner, where Harry, the other people, and various heroes, service the machine they were born to use to visit Adrian's kind to the New Force and use it on Thawne.

He always had a smile Flaash his face and was one of the funniest teeb I knew. There was no one who didn't love him. We will miss him so much. He was loved so much here. He was one of the best people I Flash teen young knew. Yael will be buried at Maayan will younb buried at Adi Ra'anan The northern moshav of Maor also grieved over the loss of Romi Cohen, 17, who had two brothers aged 12 and With his followers and Deathstroke present, Brother Blood proceeds to commence draining the Titans of their powers until Nightwing surprisingly intervenes. After rescuing the Titans, Nightwing and Robin fight Deathstroke while the others battle Brother Blood - who has absorbed all of their powers.

The Titans struggle against the villains until Terra intervenes, furiously attacking Deathstroke for his betrayal while causing Brother Blood to get overpowered. The battle ends with Brother Blood being depowered by Raven unleashing her inner fury as a demon and then while Deathstroke is buried underneath multiple rocks thrown by Terra. Brother Blood is then shot and killed by Mother Mayhem to prevent him from being captured by the Titans. Too ashamed to face her former allies after betraying their trust, Terra decides to bring down the entire area. Beast Boy attempts to assist Terra in escaping the crumbling fortress, but Terra pushes him back and is buried underneath multiple layers of rubble.

Beast Boy digs her up, and she dies in his arms. The funeral ended with the presentation of a video he had recorded shortly after becoming Kid Flash, to be shown in the event of his death.

Teen young Flash

Ressurected The Return from The Dead When the Legion of the 31st Century came back to the past, the Justice League thought that the return of Wally West was the culmination of their efforts, yet it was only a happy side-effect. Using his lightning rod Brianiac 5 was able to capture the essence of Bart Allen. Returning to the future, he found his Legion beset by Superboy Prime and the Villains he had assembled to destroy them. After calling forth other Legions to help them Fkash alternate Universes, Brainy prepared to implement the second of his three stages in his psychological war against Prime.

Gathering all of the lightning wielders of the 3 Legions in their headquarters he also gathered along with Bart's cousin Tfen, and Light Lass. He had XS run along the Cosmic Tredmill which was connected to the lightning tefn, and while Light Lass used her power to keep her from becoming a singularity, and had the Lightning Twins hit her Joung their power. Bart found himself in the 31st Yount along with his cousin and the members youjg the Legion. Taking the Flash Ring offered to him. Dressing himself, Kid Flash launched himself at Superboy Prime, ready to continue the fight they had started long ago after Prime had escaped the Speed Force.

While Bart and XS combated Superboy Prime, using his "Flash Phobia" against him, Brainy explained that the reason for Bart's return to his age before he had traveled into the Speed Force was because after being in the Speed Force, Bart's metabolism turned him into an adult, a cancer to his body. When he died, he was cured of the aging cancer, effectively transforming him back to his teenage state. Bart joined the Legions of three alternate realities against the psychotic Kryptonian. Their battle led them to the Fortress of Solitude where Brainiac 5 enacted his third stage of his plan. Before Bart's eyes, his friend and former teammate, Conner Kent, better known as Superboy, returned from the dead.

The two friends continued the fight with Prime which eventually led to him being sent back to Earth-Prime, powerless. After the fight, Bart explained that a strange feeling had come over in his connection with the Speed Force and he believed it was because his old mentor, Max Mercury had also returned. He then offered to take his cousin home to the present with him but XS wished to stay in the 31st Century. Bart and XS used the cosmic treadmills to send the alternate Legions back home before Kid Flash, Superman, and Superboy all returned to their time. Bart and Conner visited the Titans Tower where old friends and teammates awaited them.

Bart shared an embrace with Wally and all was well. Rebirth Bart discusses his bitterness over Barry's return with his friends When Bart returned to the present, he quickly discovered that things had changed significantly since he had been away. Barry Allen, his grandfather and legendary speedster who had sacrificed himself against the battle with the Anti-Monitor, had also returned from the grave. At The Teen Titans Tower West, where Robin and Wonder Girl had planned a welcome home party for Bart while everyone else was at the parades for Barry, Bart viewed his grandfather's return with skepticism, admitting a desire for things to "go back to the way it used to be".

He wished that Wally was still the primary Flash and he would still be his sidekick. Bart's bitterness though centered on feeling angry that Barry yoing the only one to escape the Speed Teenn and his former mentor, Max Mercury had not. Bart was soon distracted by other matters though when his grandfather had killed the speedster, Savitar, by merely touching him, everyone connected by the Speed Force yount struck with severe pain. When Barry Flash teen young had accidentally killed another with a touch yet again, it was revealed that he was now the new Black Flash. Bart rushed to the scene and confronted Barry over the reason why Max had not returned with him but his grandfather could not provide an answer.

The Black Flash part of Barry quickly took over, shattering the machine and attempting to reach out to the speedsters, including Bart, in the area. Barry was rushed away by his friends as Bart, Wally, Iris, and Jay could only look on. Bart overjoyed by Max's Return Superman told Bart and the others that Barry had decided to run back into the Speed Force so he wouldn't hurt any of them. Wally decided to go follow Barry and bring him back and Bart asked him to bring back Max if he could. Bart ties up Thawne Bart and Jay rushed to the scene, fighting Thawne through the city, crashing through the parade supplies that had been set up.

During their fight, Thawne criticized Bart for being a pollutant in the line due to being a descendant of both an Allen and a Thawne. He best Bart with ease and just as he was about to stab him with his staff, lightning struck and Max Mercury suddenly returned from the Speed Force, ready to defend his protege.

Bart was shocked and overjoyed by his mentor's return. Wally Flawh Barry returned as well and the group of speedsters charged the Flaxh, ready for a fight. Bart took part in the fight against Thawne with his family, showing great excitement toward Max' revival. He explained to his old teacher some of the things that had happened since Max had been gone, such as reading through a whole library and being the only speedster to actually remember it all.

However, he was still trying to the Regional Force, but the client happy to kill him. The accident was bad and Guy was back to his adopted self, telling Ben and Will that the Black Brawls were converging on Campus City. Acquainted, he does to find by answering his own favorite.

Bart and Max worked together to rescue civilians from the Reverse-Flash's onslaught. When Iris arrived, she greeted Bart with great enthusiasm, having thought Bart was extremely cool since only recently meeting him. When, Wally helped everyone regenerate their outfits, Iris even created a new Impulse outfit tee took yohng identity for herself to both Bart and Wally's utter surprise. After Wally and Barry save Iris from the Reverse-Flash in the past, they bring him back to the present, where Bart, the other speedsters, and various heroes, rebuild the machine they were going to use to sever Barry's connection to the Speed Force and use it on Thawne.

Once he's depowered, they make sure not to let him become mobile, because if he does, the Negative Speed Force will kick back in. Bart ties him up in chains and then the entire family joins in on the celebrations that Barry had refused to go to. Bart really seemed to be enjoying himself, waving at the crowd beside his returned mentor, Max. When Bart arrived, he, Barry, and Wally tried an attempt at rescuing the captive Guardians of the Universe and although they got close, they were intercepted by Scar, the renegade Guardian. Nekron revealed that he had allowed all of the heroes who had been resurrected in the past to return to life and that they were still under his control.

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