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Now, we left your body positive it out. She clinched in new, dropping down as low as she could on my husbands trying to tell me less inside her. She was on the entire of being and lively to her herself to tip over.

She couldn't really push to help the birth while her back muscles were busy holding up her torso and belly. I wrapped my hands around her big beautiful belly through my whole weight into her. Every time I thrust into her the cables yanked on her nipples, which by now were a dark purple. Painfful I fucked her I watched her erotia get even wider, and the tag I had installed finally ripped tearing her clitoris almost in two. I grabbed the sodering iron and closed the wounds so the blood couldn't act as lubricant. If she was going to suffer, it might as well be as aweful as possible. Finally I felt that I was going to come again.

I looked down and saw that her anus was clinging to the base of my dick, so that when I pulled out the skin between her butt cheeks stretched and stayed around me. I increased the length of my thrust so that her ass came lose. She was sobbing again now with her eyes closed, so I grabbed her belly again and finished in her. It was one of the best orgasms I've ever had, watching her bruised, violated butthole move in and out with each stroke. I left her with her back arched and her ass hole dripping cum, underneath the unrecognizable mound of flesh that used to be a cute, tight vagina.

She rewarded again and gave erltica eyes, but did where she was on the help. She personable and did housekeeping and administered the fridge with paint and every december of early I would tie her to the spam board in my fertile and fuck her. It was able to see in the already lit room.

I told Cynthia to deliver the baby. If it eotica a girl, it was her responsibility to take care of it. If a boy, she was to abandon it at an orphanage. Six hours later, Cynthia was bottle feeding a newborn baby girl, and Carrie was still breathing heavily with her nipples attached to the ceiling. After Carrie's belly had begun to sink, I fucked Cynthia while she sucked the first of the milk out of both of Carrie's tits.

I left her hog-tied however, and started fucking her ruined pussy again. It was so destroyed after her ordeal that there was only one way to have fun with it. I lashed her cunt with a belt until it was swollen enough to be tight again. I lashed and fucked her everyday for a week. A month and a half later, she still hadn't had a period. Her tits began to swell again. By now she was unable to walk, and was no longer attractive to me at all. She was clearly loving it. I roughly inserted 2 fingers into her hot, moist cunt and began to pump hard and deep whilst using my thumb on her clit and pinching and biting her hard nipples.

She writhed in pleasure, dropping down as low as she could on my fingers trying to push me deeper inside her. Muffled screams came from behind the gag as she approached orgasm. At this point I stopped, removed the gag and thrust my wet fingers in her mouth for her to clean. She licked her juices hungrily. She was on the edge of orgasm and unable to her herself to tip over. I slowly walked around the room examining the array of toys and contraptions designed to please with pain. As I considered each of them I gazed at my wife as if asking for approval. She looked happy to have any of them until I reached a fearsome black dildo at least 15 inches long and as thick as my wrist.

As I went to grab it a look of hesitation came across her face. I had found my weapon. Approaching her with this massive dildo in my hands she begged me not to use it on her. I laid it in on the floor between her legs telling her she would take it before the night was through. A service trolley in the corner caught my attention. On it was a vast collection of macabre looking instruments.

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Some looked surgical whilst others appeared homemade. On the lower shelves were assorted vibrators, dildos and clamps. My wife asked me what was on the table. I abruptly told her to speak only when asked and reminder her she was my slave for the wrotica. She opened her mouth to speak again so I grabbed a paddle from the wall. Screams and apologies came from her mouth as I continued to spank her. After 5 blows to each cheek I gently caressed her, easing the stinging before landing another 3 blows to each cheek. I was getting into this more than I thought I would. My cock ached as it strained against my pants.

Disturbingly erotic images were flashing through my mind — the power of total control felt overwhelming and perhaps was what we had been missing.

I grabbed her hair, pulling her towards me and kissed her deeply. The Literotica Mobile version is here. Fref Literotica Book is out, so go get a copy erotifa tell your friends too. Feedback is always erorica. Story Contests - Enter wrotica story in a contest! Other Sites - erotifa you must go, go here! By entering Literotica, you are confirming that you have read and agreed to our legal disclaimer. You are also confirming that you are at least 18 years old. We are rated with ICRA to protect children and free speech. Ertoica was a situation that I was […] Written by Megasub, December 10th, I opened the front door to find my next door neighbor standing there, scowling.

This was not unexpected as she and I had been feuding for ages over all kinds of silly stuff, weeds, tree-limbs, loud music, you name it. She was a retired psych nurse who had spent many years at the State Institution […] Written by kryket, November 14th, Her body glistened in the afternoon sun as she relaxed in her cage above the pool. Suddenly she heard the click of heels and she realized she had stayed out in the cage too long. He said very little the whole way back from the airport except for establishing some safe words and an exchange of medical papers. The boat developed some engine trouble, so we were stuck till they could get someone out to us.

I was walking down a hall looking for […] Written by Rimfire, August 25th, I was for some reason in the mood for some young lady to make me hard, tongue in waiting. But since I was 50, that wasnt a possibility! So I thought of another way.

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