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LGBTQ candidates hope to bring diversity to state, local government

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But while this new opinion landscape has goverhment changed the political map for insiders and outsiders alike governnment, the short-tem sprint toward the primary elections is right around the bend, likely to begin just as the Supreme Court announces its decision in May or June of this year. Opposition among Democrats to any form of gay union has been on a steady decline, from 25 percent in February to 17 percent in October and finally 16 percent in our most recent survey.

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Inthe Texas Legislature authorized a court order relating to a person's sex change to be acceptable proof of identity for a marriage license. Currently, some localities in Texas prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in public and private sector employment, while other localities protect local government workers or employees of texns government contractors from such tdxans. When we went back to examine the trend lines in the polls that included the gay marriage item, it became evident that overall opposition to same sex-marriage has been on a slow and steady decline, with some internal patterns of change among particular age, gender and partisan subgroups, including young people and suburbanites Among the overall population, the bottom line is that roughly 60 percent of respondents favor some sort of same-sex union combining those supporting gay marriage or civil unions.

In our most recent survey, 68 percent of independents expressed support for gay marriage or civil unions, 49 percent of suburbanites said that they supported gay marriage up 18 points since October and among women, opposition to same-sex marriage is down 7 points since while support for gay marriage is up 10 points to 40 percent.

In addition to the fact that this issue is a much clearer win for Democrats among Democratic voters than it is for the GOP among their own base, the recent shift among groups that Republicans need to win over in order to have both short and long-term success presents a serious conundrum. It seems plausible that the libertarian, small-government streak in the GOP makes civil unions a kind of safe harbor for competing values of personal freedom and limited government, on one hand, and conservative conceptions of heterosexual marriage and religion on the other. By March of this year, 58 percent said that they supported gay marriage compared with 36 percent in opposition.

Taken as a whole, the patterns in these shifts in public opinion around gay marriage suggest that, like other civil rights issues before it, sweeping Supreme Court action that defends gay marriage to any significant degree is likely to elicit a short-term reaction from a shrinking but intense groups of dissenters.

Texans in government Gay

Hate Crimes Act, [] which strengthened penalties for certain crimes motivated by a victim's race, color, disability, religion, national origin or ancestry, age, gender, or sexual preference. Even more striking, those opposing gay marriage among the youngest cohort of voters governmennt 12 points in the same period, from 28 percent down to 16 percent. While support for gay marriage has been on a glacial but steady incline, the major fault line for Republicans has been between opposition and civil union support, which have traded places as the plurality position a number of times in recent years. The results among Texas Republicans reflect greater sensitivity to the complexities of a changing political environment on the right.

While majorities of Democrats have supported gay marriage in all but one poll since Junea recent surge has occurred between the election and our most recent poll.

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