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You will be terrified you are pregnant so do yourself a favor and use condoms for back up when needed rather than emergency contraceptives. Another issue comes to mind. DO NOT tell yourself at any time that it is okay to have unprotected sex because you can just take Plan b or Next Choice, or any emergency contraceptives, after-no "heat of the moment" BS-you are in control of your body and "heat of the moment" is just another way of saying "I'm just lazy about protecting myself"!! Prevention is MUCH more effective than taking an emergency contraceptive after the fact! Emergency contraceptives are a great tool to use in our contraceptive arsenal available to today's woman, but they should be reserved for TRUE emergency use, meaning a slipped or broken condom, a dislodged diaphragm etc.

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It could be used for a missed pill, but as I say above, you are better off using condoms because the added blast of hormones is going to delay your period and make you feel pregnant because of the side effects and believe me-it will shoot your anxiety levels through the roof. If you must use emergency contraceptives, keep this in mind and expect the delay in your cycle. Women will often have a bleeding episode, like a period, after about a week after taking emergency contraceptives but not ALL women have this bleed and the next period due is almost always delayed or bleeding may be irregular-you may spot several times or not bleed at all for a couple of months.

Every woman is very different so it is hard to say what is "normal" as all of these scenarios are normal. If you take emergency contraceptives and your period is late and it has been at least a month since your unprotected sex event, you can go ahead and test for pregnancy.

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If you test any sooner, it pregnsnt likely too soon and it will not be accurate. If Blakc is negative, it is likely to Blaack the hormones delaying your cycle. Wait another month, if still no period, see your gynecologist to rule out pregnancy. DO NOT use emergency contraceptives as a contraceptive. They really shouldn't be taken very often and they do NOT "cover you for a few days"-you return to fertility quickly so if you took an emergency contraceptive one day, dont expect it to protect you the next day-it doesnt work like that. More women should look into long term birth control solutions like IUD's or implants like Implanon or Norplant.

These are effective for years depending on which method you choose and they dont require you to take a daily pill or remember anything other than the time that they need to be replaced, so what could be more convenient? Not all methods are for everybody so be sure that you research the method s you are interested in then go talk to your women's health care professional and ask any questions and then decide, with their help, which method will work the best for you in your individual situation. We are SO blessed in the time we live in that we have so many options available to us. There is really little excuse NOT to use some method of birth control.

It is readily available in so many different places, convenience stores, grocery stores, gas stations, doctors offices, family planning clinics and depending on where you go, much of it is low cost or no cost if you are a student or low income or uninsured. Protect yourself and have babies when you WANT to have babies!!

It is up to YOU to take control and advocate for yourself and plan your life. All those questions of could i be pregnant after having unprotected sex. In a perfect world girls would worry about pregnancy before sex. I always want to say. If you're to young to have a baby you're to young to be having sec. A prospective study of the onset of symptoms of pregnancy. Journal of clinical epidemiology. Bastian L, Brown H. Clinical manifestations and diagnosis of early pregnancy. Patterns and predictors of vaginal bleeding in the first trimester of pregnancy. Management of spontaneous abortion.

Review of the literature on patient satisfaction with early medical abortion using mifepristone and misoprostol. First-trimester medication abortion termination of pregnancy. Steinauer J, Falk S, eds. Safety and effectiveness of termination services performed by doctors versus midlevel providers: International journal of women's health. First-trimester medical abortion with mifepristone mg and misoprostol: Significant adverse events and outcomes after medical abortion. Diedrich JT, Newmann S. Cervical preparation for dilation and evacuation abortion. Annals of internal medicine. A randomized comparison of misoprostol 6 to 8 hours versus 24 hours after mifepristone for abortion. World Health Organization; Clinical practice handbook for safe abortion.

Low-dose mifepristone mg and vaginal misoprostol for abortion. Bleeding patterns after early abortion with mifepristone and misoprostol or manual vacuum aspiration. Journal of the American Medical Women's Association Shih G, Wallace R. The return to ovulation following early abortion: Return of ovarian function following spontaneous abortion. Effects of early pregnancy loss on hormone levels in the subsequent menstrual cycle. Medical management of missed abortion: Overview of pregnancy termination up to date. Falk S, Barbieri R, eds. Decision rightness and emotional responses to abortion in the United States: Abortion is a common experience.

About 1 in 4 U. Most abortions happen in the first 8 weeks of pregnancy, and nearly all abortions 9 in 10 happen in the first trimester the first 12 weeks of pregnancy 3. Legal abortion is a safe and effective way to end a pregnancy 4,5. Tracking can help you keep a record for yourself and for your healthcare provider, and can give you a sense of control during what may be an unfamiliar, but common experience. Some sources may try and mislead you on purpose 6. You may also have heard abortion referred to as induced abortion. This differentiates it from miscarriage, which is sometimes called spontaneous abortion.

Access to abortion is limited or threatened in many parts of the world. Globally, highly restrictive abortion laws are not associated with lower abortion rates. Countries with more restrictions have more unregulated, illegal and unsafe abortions and the associated consequences of those. This article describes the abortion process in areas with access to abortion as a right of comprehensive healthcare services. This map shows abortion availability globally. There are also resources available for people in places with limited access to abortion.

Pregnancy tests pissy by detecting a hormone produced in the uterus after a pregnancy begins ln hCG. For most people, a test will show up as positive within one week pregnang the first day of a missed period 7. If your periods are often irregular or Blacl you ovulated a few days later than usualit may take longer for a pregnancy test to show up as prregnant. This is because it can take about weeks from the time of ovulation for enough pusssy to be in your body to register on tests 7,8. Early pregnancy symptoms Hormonal changes cause the early symptoms of pregnancy. Some of pregnsnt most common symptoms of early pregnancy include nausea, fatigue, sore breasts, changes in appetite, and increased urination peeing more often Light spotting can also happen early in pregnancy.

About 1 in 10 people experience spotting within the the first 8 weeks of pregnancy In many cases, this spotting is light enough that someone might only notice it when wiping with toilet paper. For just under 2 in 10 people, the spotting may be heavier, but still not as heavy as a typical period What are the types of abortion? Your choice may depend on how far along a pregnancy is, the time each method takes, and whether you prefer to be mainly at home or in the clinic. Recommendations and procedures can also vary country-to-country. This type of abortion can be done as soon as a pregnancy begins, and is usually available until week of pregnancy, and sometimes later, depending on where you live.

It typically involves taking one pill at the clinic and then going home and taking another pill. In some areas you may have the choice or requirement to take the second pill in the clinic as well, although most people report a preference for being at home After taking the second pill, the uterus will cramp, bleed, and empty over the course of a few hours—similar to a miscarriage. The level of cramping, pain, and bleeding can be intense, and may depend on the timing in the pregnancy A follow-up appointment usually happens a week or two later.

First trimester medication abortions are safe and very effective. More than 95 in people who have a medication abortion need no further treatment 15, More serious complications are very rare, occurring in less than 0. Some countries currently require that the second pill is in the clinic as well. The UK recently changed its protocol, and will allow people to take the second pill at home by the end of A medication abortion is available as soon as you know you are pregnant. No shots or anesthesia are involved, and you will likely have some control over when to take the second pill. The abortion may feel more natural, like a miscarriage.

There may be the option to be at home or wherever is most comfortableand shape the space in a way that best meets your needs. You can choose to have someone with you, or you can be alone. There is more time and space for awareness of the abortion process for others, this can be a downside. It takes one to two days to complete the abortion. People may question if their symptoms are normal when they are at home, which can be stressful. Medication abortions are typically not available as late into a pregnancy as other methods. This happens in a clinic or hospital. After that amount of time, the procedure and availability can differ. In some clinics aspiration abortions can be performed as soon as someone finds out they are pregnant.

Other clinics only offer this type of abortion after week 5 or 6 from the first day of the last period. Medication is usually given an hour or two before the procedure. A healthcare provider then inserts an instrument into the vagina, and through the cervix, to reach the uterus. The contents of the uterus are suctioned out.

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