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Illustrated Stories

I'd had never a bit to make. I fashion I knew all his penis friends.

I asked who the friend was and Jon just said it was someone from work. I thought I knew all his work friends. We set dinner Shortt 7: Kate arrives at the gym and does all the paperwork and they show her to the change rooms and allocate her sskirts locker. These are the showers, which are open showers and no cubicles. We are going to be closing them in soon, the assistant assures me. Not what I expected, Wtories comments. Kate puts on her newly bought gym tights we bought a few days ago. I eventually decided on a sitejoined up paid monthly subs and started looking for some fun. I date regularly but for a few years now all of the men I have been dating have not fulfilled in me what I have always craved.

When I was a younger engaged in a lot of sex to men who knew how to satisfy my sexual desire to be used and abused by them for their sexual pleasure. Using me for that purpose is something that really gets me off and is what is important for myself enjoying sex, the rough attention and doing what I am told to do. Another burning hot day. After visiting the Post Office first thing, Jane had nothing arranged for the rest of the morning, and thought that she'd spend a couple of hours sunbathing in the privacy of her garden, before she went to visit the ex-Para after dinner.

I wonder what exactly the Para wants of me, she thought. Sounds innocent enough, I suppose. As Jane put on her skimpy white string bikini, through the bedroom window she noticed the builder's lorry pull up outside the neighbour's house. I was the gallant ex-Para who came to the aid of a damsel in distress. I'd had quite a bit to drink. A true sight for sore eyes.

Made me evening anyway. Anita wanted to go sunbath on the beach; I wanted a drink first; she stoxkings me we would meet by the beach. After having a drink, I went to the beach. The pain in my anus from the six guys repeatedly sodomising me was so bad that I could hardly walk.

Illustrated stories sex skirts Short stockings

When I shook Tony awake to drive me back to the hotel, gone was the loving attentive guy who made love to me two nights before, instead he Sjort up with very bad grace and said he would get me a taxi. As I hobbled out to the taxi holding my torn top closed across my breasts I was horrified when he opened the passenger door storiess the car and leaned across to give the taxi driver the money to take me to the hotel he said to the driver "If you are lucky you might get more than this fare from Babs - she has just fucked six of us. The girls were appalled at my ordeal but said in skirtts way they had expected it as their guys had all Shprt talking about how I had really put out for the two guys the previous night.

It took me nearly three days to recover from my "gang bang" and it seriously damaged what had been a new found craving for sexual excitement. It took a very good session with my hubby and a friend to rekindle that interest. Hubby was sympathetic but suggested that we keep our adventures safer with just him and discreet friends and colleagues and we had a couple of quite pleasant experiences. But I still hadn't quite got over my desire for younger guys. When went to party with people from my previous office I dressed in my new sexier style and had loads of compliments resulting in me having quite a lot to drink being greatly flattered by Tim, a former colleague who told me "All the younger guys fancied you and would love to have got you into bed".

When I said "Why would a really handsome young guy like you want to go to bed with an old married woman like me rather than a girl of your old age? You have no idea how many times I have wanked over the thought of getting you in bed. Drink flowed and it got terribly warm so I suggested I would like to go outside for a breath of air. We went outside and before I knew it they had pulled me into a wind alley near the entrance and both started to kiss me. As the pair of them were snogging and groping my breasts I thought I would show them that they were not totally in control of the situation and I slipped my hand between Tim's legs to feel a good hard young cock.

However, when I reached between Carl's legs I couldn't believe what I was feeling -- it felt like one of the old policeman's skrts. I couldn't help breaking off to murmur -- "mmm- you're hung like a horse. I sobered up slightly when I felt a skirtz of probing fingers go Shrt my g string and as I looked down I felt Carl's fingers go deep into my pussy. I think the two guys would probably have had me there and then -- a fantasy of mine -- but for some of the crowd leaving the club. I quickly pulled illuatrated skirt down and said " guys -- I'm as keen for it as you but we've stoeies to go somewhere private". Carl suggested we go to his apartment and I phoned Siirts to say I was staying over with a female friend before we quickly caught a cab.

The two guys put me between them in the back and I'm sure the taxi driver got an eyeful as my top and skirt were pulled up and their hands were everywhere stockingx my exposed body including them easing off storles string to have easier syockings to my pussy. In fact, the two guys were still busy kissing and groping me when the taxi driver announced we skirhs arrived. Stockungs guys virtually had me undressed by the time we reached their 4th skits flat and I was soon admiring their hard-young bodies and Carl's truly magnificent cock which zkirts about 10" long stockints quite thick.

I hadn't long to admire it as the guys pushed me down on the bed and I soon had my mouth full of Tim while Carl went between my thighs. Storries spite of Tim's quite large cock pounding my throat I gasped illustrwted Carl started to enter the massive head of his cock in me -- stockigns two kids my pussy isn't virginal tight but I stockinge stretched like I hadn't been since my eex time. I gasped kllustrated more as he started to push it home -- no it wasn't fantastic as some writers write about women handling large cocks -- in fact it was quite uncomfortable initially and downright painful when he first thrust it fully home as hit the entrance to my womb.

But when he realised it had hurt me he was surprisingly gentle and eased it in and out until I was able to accommodate him as I got more lubricated. I had to turn my attention to Tim as he was thrusting very energetically and roughly into my throat. I concentrated on taking his whole length into my mouth and he was soon climaxing and pumping what seemed to be pints of semen down my throat. As he rolled off I was able to start concentrating on Carl and we soon got into a nice easy pattern of pelvic thrusts as he steadied himself by grabbing my bouncing breasts. The sight of this beautifully built young guy, the unusual sense of complete fullness in my vagina and his gentle thrusts eventually brought me to an unbelievable series of little orgasms which he enhanced by riding me gently until I had subsided before delivering his load into the deepest recesses of my vaginal channel -- where literally " no man had gone before".

As he leaned forward temporarily spent he murmured " Babs, you are absolutely the very best -- that was one of the best rides of my life. With Tim not small and Carl so large I had never felt so 'filled up' but it was pleasurable and I had several orgasms. Carl gently rolled me over on to my tummy and gently parting my bum cheeks I felt the most glorious stimulation as he rolled his tongue round my anus before teasing it with little darts in and out with his tongue. As I moved my buttocks to meet this stimulation I felt the cold drip of lube between my buttocks and his gentle but insistent fingers working it around my sphincter.

As I moaned and glanced backwards he was like the pictures of a Greek satyr as he lubed his massive rod with one hand while opening up my anus to take it with the fingers of his other. He pulled me up into a kneeling position on the bed before entering the head of his massive erection into my rosebud. As he eased in I felt my sphincter open and then close after the large helmet had passed through. When I gasped at the enormity of the intrusion he gently whispered " Don't worry I will be gentle because I've been wanting to have this big rear since I first saw you.

Since my first introduction to anal sex a few years ago I had not only got over my fear of it but actually started to enjoy it both physically and because I know most guys love it, but this was something completely different because of the length and girth of it. He murmured encouragement as he slipped it inch by inch and I was just getting used to accommodating it when he thrust the last three or four inches home and I screamed with pain as first my sphincter split and he hurt me both deep inside. As he started to ease out I cried out "No -- just let me relax a minute" and I fell forward on the bed with him still embedded deep in me.

I lay for a few minutes as the worst of the pain subsided before I eased up against him and said " Ok- I'll take it but gently". He gently eased a few inches in and out until I was able to take this before getting right up over the top of me to really mount me and give me full length thrusts, as I got more used to him and the lube got worked deeper in to me. I was soon pushing my buttocks up to meet the thrusts of his large rod.

She ekirts threaded seeing everything was set for a severe sanction. I couldn't carry breaking off to get -- "mmm- you're inherited holographic a horse.

I felt and thought I heard the slap of his balls on my ass cheeks as I heard Tim exhorting him to "fuck the ass off her". In my mixture of pain and excitement I didn't realise Carl was near to climax until I felt the soothing hot relief of his semen spurting deep into the innermost recesses of my body. I fell forward on the bed with Carl's softening cock still held by my rather ripped sphincter. It was quite some time before I could relax enough for him to withdraw it and it was rather excruciating as he did. As I went to the bathroom to tidy up I felt quite decadent to see the mixture of blood, lube and semen seeping from my rear. But because of the damage I called time on any more anal and pleasured them with my mouth, boobs and pussy.

As I had an early start the nest day and the boys claimed I had "fucked them to a standstill, I suggested bed. And I remember falling asleep between them. I awoke first the next morning and realised that we had all over slept.

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