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Relationship Checkup! How Healthy is Your Relationship?

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You and a friend both try out for the school play.

They get a major part, while yours is only a minor role. How do you feel? What kind of strategy do you employ? What do you like to do in your free time? How do you treat people in other cliques at school? How do you deal with it? A friend tells you a potentially embarrassing secret.

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What quizzws you do with the information? Do you take the lead or remain in the background and let others do most of the work? Are You A Good Girlfriend? For maximum results, get a group of gal pals together and take turns answering the questions. Discuss the results afterwards, and tern may be surprised what you learn about one another. And remember, there are no right or wrong answers when it comes to these personality quizzes for teens. Your boyfriend shows up for a dance wearing a really ugly outfit. Do you say anything? What do you do? How do you deal with the situation? Your boyfriend really blows it during a school sporting event.

How do you try to cheer him up? Do you offer to pay? Are You A Good Boyfriend? For that reason, the girls may have to get involved and encourage them to participate. Then again, some guys might answer the relationship questions truthfully just to be outrageous.

tsen Your girlfriend has been sick for ppersonality week. When you go to visit her, she still looks pretty horrible. Do you comment on her appearance? When you take your girlfriend to the movies, what kind of films do you usually see? Eunice on Jan personaality, It's a very cool quiz By: Giselle on May 5, I feel that everyone has many different personalities it depends on who you are By: Mary on Apr 9, By: Taranjot on Jul 7, Teenagers girls donot do kisses znd sex with your boyfriend because you may be get preganent Ellie on Jun 30, By: Chu May Paing on Jun 28, By: I recommend it 4 every teen girl.

DreamingAngel on May 28, By: Christeena on May 25, teenagers should more listen to their parents,relatives and friends. Alex on Jan 29, By: Helen on Jan 18, By: Me on Jan 10, All teenage girls are different so just be yourself. If you don't like who you are then talk to your friends about it.

Quizzes Fun teen personality

Don't make any rash decisions think about it first. Angel on Jan 7, By: Natalie on Dec 31, Not all boys can be sweet and good!! Be careful who you pick!! Lola on Dec 31, By: Clarafaye on Dec 30, By: Sreya on Dec 30, By: Grace on Dec 28, i like this website a lot, it's so much fun to do the quizzes By: Kristen on Dec 26, Quizzes can't really tell you everything so don t neccasarily believe everything they say By: J on Dec 25, dont cry over a guy if they walk away, in the end you will be happy and it will be their loss not yours: Kelly on Dec 23, By:

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