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This type of setting is often found in folktales and simply sets the stage and the mood. For example, "long ago in a cottage in the deep woods" and "once upon a time there was a great land that had an Emperor. This narrative point of view allows for a very personal touch in the story telling.

Omniscient Narrator multiple points of view; the narrator is "all-knowing": The omniscient narrator can show the thoughts and experiences tue any character in the clih. It permits the writer the broadest scope. Limited Downliad External Subjective Narrator; the 3rd person point of view: A plot is all about establishing connections, suggesting causes, and showing relationships. A Dramatic or Progressive Plot: This is a chronological structure which first establishes the setting and conflict, then follows the rising action through to a climax the peak of the action and turning pointand concludes with a denouement a wrapping up of loose ends.

Episodic plots work best when the writer wishes to explore the personalities of the characters, the nature of their existence, and the flavor of an era.

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For Tqles advice or assistance regarding this policy you teh contact the student ombudservice: An instructor or coordinator who is convinced that a student has handed in work that cljt or she could dlit possibly reproduce without outside assistance is obliged, out of consideration of fairness to other students, to report the case to the Associate Dean of the Faculty. Before unpleasantness occurs consult http: Recording is permitted only with the prior written consent of the professor or if recording is part of an approved accommodation plan. Attendance, Absences, and Missed Grade Components: Regular attendance is essential for optimal performance in any course.

In cases of potentially excusable absences due to illness or domestic affliction, notify your instructor by e-mail within two days. Regarding absences that may be excusable and procedures for addressing course components missed as a result, consult sections Participation includes not only attending class, but offering contributions to class discussion that engage the course material. It is important to read ahead, in order to be able to take part in class discussion. Policy for Late Assignments: Please note that only in the most exceptional cases will extensions without penalty be granted. Extensions will not be granted after the due date. After the period of 7 days from the due date no assignments will be accepted.

I do not off, nor do I accept, assignments submitted by e-mail. The percentage mark resulting from the entire term work and examination then produces the final letter grade for the course. Superior performance showing comprehensive understanding of subject matter. Clearly above average performance with complete knowledge of subject matter. Marginal performance; generally insufficient preparation for subsequent courses in the subject matter.

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