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He betrays and plays the gangs against one another in order to make money. Then he uses his cunning and exceptional weapons skill to assist a family threatened by both gangs.

His treachery is exposed and he is severely beaten, but in the end, he defeats the remaining gang. The interaction in this story between cunning and irony the tricks, deceits, unexpected actions and sarcasm of the hero on the one hand, and pathos terror and brutality against defenseless people and against the hero after his double play has been revealed on the other, was aspired to and sometimes attained by the imitations that soon flooded the cinemas. But it is my film". Leone's films and other "core" Spaghetti Westerns are often described as having eschewed, criticised or even "demythologized" [11] many of the conventions of traditional U.

This was partly intentional and partly the context of a different cultural background. In the years following, the use of cunning and irony became more prominent.

This was seen in Leone's next two Westerns, with their emphasis on unstable partnerships. Some sets and studios built for Spahetti Westerns survive as theme parks, Texas HollywoodMini Hollywoodand Western Leoneand continue to be used as film sets. God's Gun was filmed in Israel. The genre most identifiably American, the Western, seemed to be evolving into a new rougher form. For many critics, Sergio Leone 's films were part of the problem. Leone's Dollars Trilogy — was not the beginning of the "Spaghetti Western" cycle in Italy, but for Americans Leone's films represented the true beginning of the Italian invasion of an American genre.

An Italian critic has compared these comedies to American Bob Hope vehicles. This marked the beginning of Spain as a suitable film shooting location for any kind of European western. Inthree non-comedy Italo-Spanish westerns were produced: Since there is no real consensus about where to draw the exact line between Spaghetti Westerns and other Eurowesterns or Nude western cowboys Westerns in general one cannot say which one of the films mentioned so far was the first Spaghetti Western. Furthermore, by far the most commercially successful of this lot was Sergio Leone's A Fistful of Dollars whose innovations in cinematic style, music, acting and story decided the future for the genre.

Impact of A Fistful of Dollars[ edit ] The Spaghetti Western was born, flourished and faded in a highly commercial production environment. The Italian "low" popular film production was basically low-budget and low-profit, and the easiest way to success was imitating a proven success. Most succeeding Spaghetti Westerns tried to get a ragged, laconic hero with superhuman weapon skill, preferably one who looked like Clint Eastwood: Whoever the hero was, he would join an outlaw gang to further his own secret agenda, like in A Pistol for RingoBlood for a Silver DollarVengeance Is a Dish Served ColdPayment in Blood and others, while Beyond the Law instead has a bandit infiltrate society and become a sheriff.

For love interest, rancher's daughters, schoolmarms and barroom maidens were overshadowed by young Latin women desired by dangerous men, where actresses like Nicoletta Machiavelli or Rosalba Neri carried on Marianne Koch 's role of Marisol in the Leone film. The terror of the villains against their defenseless victims became just as ruthless as in A Fistful of Dollarsor more, and their brutalization of the hero when his treachery is disclosed became just as merciless, or more — just like the cunning used to secure the latter's retribution.

In the beginning some films mixed some of these new devices with the borrowed US Western devices typical for most of the —64 Spaghetti Westerns. For example, in Sergio Corbucci 's Minnesota Clay that appeared two months after A Fistful of Dollarsan American style "tragic gunfighter" hero confronts two evil gangs, one Mexican and one Anglo, and just as in A Fistful of Dollars the leader of the latter is the town sheriff. People will be dissecting these second trailers, so tell us up front — what are we not seeing?

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