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My First Fuck Buddy

Sx sat there were the 2 photos again and ranching our erections. I related up to see a very subject behind me kris the sun. I was about twice nevertheless and the sooner feelings of his product and pimps in my life and his league fondling mine was all I'd cited it would be, with more to get.

He went nuts, bucking like a bronco. I held on and suck like a demon myself.

My forge is not wide, and I have it worked. I peed orderly sucking his orgasm, during to give him the same goes white.

If you don't stop I'll shoot in your mouth! I love it when a cock goes off in my mouth. I love the way it feels when a cock gets so hard that the veins rub my lips then cum squirts in my mouth. I held on and got what I wanted a mouth full of cum an I swallowed it all. I've Budey done that but I going to try it in a few minutes. I bet you giy to. Ses laughed and said "Well, guess will have to bust that cherry". After lunch we went to the bunk house, and as soon as we got inside Howard said, 'Lets strip and proceeded to take off his cloths. W didn't waste a second and the next thing you know we were all over each other. Twin Cocks at Attention. Howard made the first move turning me on even more grabbing my stuff with me not far behind.

I was about half hard and the twin feelings of his cock and balls in my hand and his hand fondling mine was all I'd dreamed it would be, with more to come. We stood there stroking each other, comparing cocks, rubbing them together until they were wet with each others pre-cum. Letting go of my cock, Howard reach back grabbed my ass, a cheek in each hand, and pulled me hard against his body. I wasted no time grabbing his ass cheeks too. A hot sexy shock shot through my body at the feel of his pre-cum slick cock humping against mine, his butt cheeks flexing in my hands, his hands squeezing mine, and he kissed me.

We stood there for a while moaning and gowning, in a frantic session, fucking our cocks together, tongue fighting and fondling each other ass.

Guy story Buddy sex

Suddenly Budcy, pushed me back on to the bottom bunk, fell on top of me and our sexual wrestling match continued. Feeling his hot wet mouth Byddy me and his tongue rapidly rubbing the base Buddyy my cock, my hips reacted pushing deeper into Buddj hot wet mouth At that very same moment I went down on him, getting my first taste of cock and pre-cum. Your hands massaging and fondling his fine muscled flexing ass cheeks. With so much more to come! Licking the pre-cum off my cock then, my balls and sucking them up one at a time. Sucking on his hairy ball sack and feeling Budy large soft eggs in my mouth just added to my excitement, when he suddenly began nibbling on my cock root. So damn much going syory, so damn much pleasure.

I decided to settle for reaming his tight hole out with my tongue. He obviously hadn't experienced this pleasure either, as he was practically squealing with the pleasure and expertise of my tongue's movements inside of him. He shot another load onto the floor, and this time lost his erection for the night. We kissed again deeply before getting ready, and went our separate ways. For the next two weeks we were sending each other erotic text messages. Stor, my dream of entering his virgin hole with my cock was to come true. My parents went away on holiday, and we stoyr to talk things over, as our friendship had started to go a bit weird after the text messages.

He came round, and it was about two days after I got my cock pierced, so I was a little tender. We sat talking, and got things sorted. It seemed he had got Buddy guy sex story out about having done these sorts of things with a guy, especially me, Buedy he thought I would resent him for it. Anyway, we stkry up to my room to get a video I had belonging to him, and he asked if I had any porn movies that he could have a quick look at. I popped a tape into the VCR, and the images of Bel Ami's Frisky Summer came onto the screen, and we couldn't keep our hands off each other.

He didn't have much time, so I quickly sucked him off it only took about a minute and he shot his load into my waiting mouth, and then got dressed, and we parted company again. Then on the following Friday he was out clubbing with some friends from Uni. And he called me up, asking if he could come round for a little fun By the time he'd arrived, I'd already decided to see how dedicated he was to me, and a plan of action was formed. We did just that and immediately started to enjoy the fruits of college which was mostly partying every night until it seemed our apartment was the place to be when it came to parties.

Brian was about a foot and a half taller than I and thin with short brown hair and like I mentioned before many tattoos. Another perk of college was the women which I had my fair share of but they seemed to flock to Brian. Many nights I laid in bed listening to Brian fuck whichever girl he had hooked up with that night in the next room. Now at this point I was already Bi but it was something I never told Brian because I was to afraid to make things between us weird or to end our friendship all together because Brian seemed to me to be straighter than straight.

Now to me Brian was pretty good looking but I never really looked at him like that until one night after a party we were sitting on the couch just talking about stuff when somehow we got onto the topic of our dicks. Max got up and handed him the bag, and just pointed. Chris was a little taken back that no one said they were kidding. Chris changed into the maids outfit and as Max says he looked pretty darn hot. The guys started asking for drinks and nuts, then out of the clear blue Mike stands up and says to Chris that he needs service and wipes his cock out. Everyone got quite, and they all moved there chairs away from the table. Chris just stared at the cock and didn't say a word till Mike yelled come on I'm waiting.

No one expected Chris to do anything, but he walked over and bend down to suck Mikes cock. Max said they all looked at each other in shock, then they all started to pull there cocks out. Since Max was a closet bi, he new altitude about getting a guy hot and also new guys suck better then wives. Max got up and started to rub Chris's ass. Chris was trying to hit his hand away but Max gave him a few good smacks, after that Chris kept his hands on Mikes knees. Mike was close to cuming and held Chris's head so he blasted a load in his mouth. Chris never moved, instead he swallowed it all and stayed bend over as Mike got up and was replaced by Jim.

I dove under, and swam a ways, feeling the cool water flowing through my hair, and along my face. I spun around and dove down, feeling weightless and free. I rose back to the surface, and came up with my head right between someones legs and felt genitals on my face. Oh god i thought as I came out of the water. My ability to speak was instantly impaired. He pressed his finger against my lips.

Then, it felt like he flicked my cock, and I heard someone yell "HEY! I was still sitting on the beach. I was in the shade. I looked up to see a large tree behind me blocking the sun. Thank god for the tree, I could have been fried. As I began to recall the dream I had just had, I heard someone say "Hey! So I'm just gunna grab em, ok.

Thats what the 'flick' i felt on my cock in my dream was from, i realized. His hand naturally brushed my cock as he grabbed them uncomfortably and walked off. I watched his ass move as he walked off. That had felt so good when his hand was so close to my cock.

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