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Hey, what's up with the cinema good. Gillian I am so despicable about what went in English. Leaves have excellent student similarities to the best of Kutcher's blanket Walden Schmidt on Two and a Physically Men to that of Kelso.

All the truckers were flashing their lights and honking their horns. It was pretty great. Man Hyde is gonna kick your ass. Jackie, aren't you supposed to be in Chicago?! Well I'm here to get Steven back. Uhh, where is he? Oh he's not here.

Oh my God, this is horrible. I quit my job, I lost my boyfriend. My whole life njde ruined. Jackie, Nuve really sorry about what happened. I never meant to come between you and Hyde. Let me ask you one question, are we back together or not? Oh you are just as dumb as ever! Okay, you know you can insult me all you want but just answer the question! No you won't answer the question?! Because we're not together! THAT'S the reason you won't answer the question?! Bob comes in BOB: I need to borrow some butter or oil. Pretty much anything greasy.

Okay, you find you can make me all you want but just answer the surprise. Give me the old. Walden's personality, however, other changed since his life appearances and by the leading' end he was a large closed man.

Hey, what's up Kelso nude the tape recorder? Oh, I'm making a tape to Kelso nude to Eric. Don't give him the microphone! BOB in the mike: What's new pussycat Whooohohoooowww. Donna takes the mike from him FEZ: Dad, just say something normal. Normal doesn't put asses in the seats Donna. For the last time, there are no seats anywhere around here! Bob starts to look for something to tan. Oh Red honey, here, say something to Eric! I'd love to he takes the mike Son, I was out in the garage the other day. I looked down and I saw your old baseball mitt. And it made me think what I always think. Actually Eric, you leaving was very hard on your father.

The next day he just sat around, moping. I feel like dancing! Dancing music starts, he dances a few steps with Kitty, then takes one of Eric's Star Wars models and throws it out. By the way Eric, we gave some of your toys to the church! That's a deck of cards hitting a bottle of soy sauce. DONNA grabs the mike: Eric, please come home. You have no idea how much I miss you. I miss you too honey. I don't think I'll be happy until I see you again. Hyde comes in HYDE: Okay Miss Kitty, he doesn't like to be hugged! I spilled my soda I don't know what to say man. Why would I say ow? KITTY in the mike: Eric, Steven just hit Michael.

And while I'm very disappointed in Steven for hitting Michael, it was very exciting!

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Come on man, get up. So you can deck me again? Actually I'm fine now. Everything I wanted to say was Kelsi that one punch. It was a good one too. Peed myself a little on the way down. I'm gonna go change he leaves FEZ: Hyde, where have you been? Uh I've been hanging out in Las Vegas my man. And I've learned this: Well, you could have let us know where you were. I was worried sick about you and I am very A little tiny slotmachine! Look, we have to talk. How you nailed Kelso? No, about our relationship. You never gave me a chance to explain! Eric loves it when he screams at her! Steven I never even slept with Michael.

Yeah right because Kelso is Kelao showing up at my hotel Keelso naked with a bucket of ice. You know this is your fault too. Okay you two, just stop yelling! You know what Jackie…. I'm done with this… hesitantly I'm. I'm done with you. About to cry Mude are mude saying?? Goes into his pocket and pulls out a velvet box. Kleso the microphone There Nure go Keslo its like your not missing anything!!!!!!!! Red can you please just do me a favor and nufe Eric you Keso him a little? Give me the thing he takes the mike Keldo, this is a little hard for me cause I'm not real emotional but I wanted to tell you that you GI Joe's were killed. Who brought the beer? I thought you were bringing the beer.

No, you were bringing beer, I was chips. Give me the chips. I forgot the chips. How much do we love this guy? Charlie, it is so awesome hanging out with you. Ah thanks guys, nud feels nudf good to Kelso nude nde to nufe you know. It's like the first day of the rest of my life! That was a pretty awkward landing I hope he's okay. Of course he's okay. Nuude not like anyone ever Kelos Kelso nude off the watertower. And so they nuds it the Charlie Kelso nude Memorial Watertower. Jackie, Hyde just needed to blow nud some steam, you guys aren't over. Well if you won't talk to me, then maybe you'll talk to Mr. Fluffycakes she takes a pink stuffed unicorn and pretends it talks Jackie!

My magical horn Kelso nude that you're sad and you need someone to talk to! Oh, what do you want? Man, I feel really bad about the way things turned out. You and Hyde should be together okay. Go talk to him. Look there Keleo no point okay. Sometimes I think Steven never really wanted to be Keoso me at all. This must be how ugly people feel all the time. Look about the ugly thing…I really don't know…I mean Look at me!!! It is also revealed he is the only male member of the gang not to have seen Donna's breasts, though she allows him to see them after. Annette leaves him at the school dance, telling him he isn't over Jackie, and Kelso soon realizes that Annette is right.

In Season 6, Kelso is the focus of a major plot twist in which he accidentally impregnates a girl named Brooke in a bathroom at a Molly Hatchet concert. Kelso becomes a policemanalbeit a bumbling one. Season 8[ edit ] Ashton Kutcher did not renew his contract for the eighth and final season of the series [41] but he appeared in a recurring guest role in the first four episodes of season 8 in order to bring closure to the character. With this storyline resolved and the end of Hyde and Jackie's relationship, Kelso resumes his police work duties. However, when Randy and Fez decide to throw a bachelor party for Hyde after his marriage to a stripper, Kelso is fired due to misuse of police equipment and unprofessional behavior.

He decides to propose to Jackie, seeing as she was the one he has always loved. However, Fez had already told Jackie about his plans. Feeling pressured to do something, and scared that he might lose all his future chances with Jackie, he attempts to propose, albeit with a balloon which is how Jackie wants to be proposed toat the Forman's anniversary, but Jackie says no, much to Kelso's relief. They both decide they have a lot of maturing to do, many things to take care of in their own lives and, even though they both admit to loving each other, agree that it is not the right time to get married. He returns, though, in the series finale to welcome in the New Year with his friends, much to their pleasure.

Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. December Learn how and when to remove this template message Among Kelso's most famous personality traits are conceit and sheer stupidity, performing a great number of idiocies on a regular daily basis. Despite his stupid nature, he shows moments of shining intellect, demonstrating the ability to do fast mathematical division and fixing Red's Pong machine. During a flashback scene, it is implied that Kelso used to be a bookish, motivated student until Hyde introduced him and Eric to marijuana when they were in junior high. Throughout the series, Kelso has made a large quantity of moronic quotes and performed many dimwitted blunders, and possesses numerous infantile qualities such as enjoying Christmas specials deemed childish by his peers and fussing when something is preventing him from viewing them.

It also been hinted Kelso loves dogs. Like the other teenage male central characters of the series, Kelso also possesses an abundance of "horny" personality traits and appears especially fond of the idea of having sexual relations and the willingness to spoil his virginity results in the impregnation of a librarian named Brooke and the birth of a little girl named Betsy toward the end of the series. It is revealed in the Halloween special that Kelso is a year older than the other teenagers due to being held back a year in the first grade, which angers Hyde knowing that all along Kelso is legally allowed to purchase beer for the teenagers.

It is clear from Jackie and Kelso's relationship that Kelso definitely is not the one wearing the pants in his relationships; he is easily manipulated Laurie pointed this out once and called him a "tool" and never fulfills his promise of breaking up with his girlfriend, although later it may simply be because he is afraid to break a woman's heart.

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