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Heterogenous nude veaches are part of a stoner nude area, such as the Cap d'Agde tile. Covers where nudity is normally welcomed, but not mandatory.

In Germany there are clothes optional sunbathing areas in public parks, e.

Clothes free organizations and free beach associations, such as the Naturist Beachhes Committee, lobby for the removal of laws which prohibit nude swimming beachds sunbathing or the increase in the number of nude beaches and sometimes to improve the amenities at nude beaches. Most beaches in Denmark [7] [8] and some beaches in Norway [9] are clothing-optional. Illegal nude beaches are where people may attempt to maintain a low profile which may result in requests to cover up, uncomfortable glares, a fine or arrest.

The International Naturist Federation has developed a code of conductor etiquettefor use by member organizations.

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Though actual clothing standards vary from Nuxe to resort, the beach area is officially designated as " topfree ", and public access foor unrestricted. This applies, for example, to the islands in the Caribbean, Mexico, and Florida. Other than the fact that people using a nude beach expect to find naked people on the beach, most other local laws and customs continue to apply. Some nude beaches are part of a larger nude area, such as the Cap d'Agde area. This is common in dedicated nudist resorts.

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Others' right to existence has been recognized as such by the appropriate local authority, and are termed "official" although not necessarily legitimate. Predatory behavior is not permitted, nor is unauthorized photography. On such beaches, there may be a mixture of nude, clothed and everything in between. This is more common when the beach is part of a private resort or other private property.

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