Bowling thumb pitch

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How much Bowlong is needed to be altered and at what thumb pitch? How much liner finger pitches are needed to be moved and in which direction? One more observation and a question. I was on the longer side of safe zone.

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If some one is at the shorter side of Safe Zone, he may not have to move the Span, but would the linear thukb have to pitfh moved? I drilled Bowlinh 16 times or so to finally get to where I wanted to be in terms of feel, but someone may tbumb have that luxury to be able to do just that, so can any expert on this forum write a guideline about how to move thumb pitch forward and what to do with the Span and Finger Linear pitches, while he or she is doing that? In the Thumb pitch vs Finger pitch chart, it is mentioned that the more you go forward in the thumb, the more you have to go forward in the fingers. So it is safe to assume that every time one moves his thumb, he has to plug fingers too and move them correspondingly.

All this is a little confusing to me. I totally understood Ron's suggestion to keep thumb as much forward as one can though. I did some experimenting my self.

Still pigch out fairly clean. A too short span reduces Pktch rev rate and makes repeating shots with consistency more difficult. Just like all the other variables in ball fitting the criteria for a piych span has changed over the years. If Boeling wear a wrist brace always make sure it is on when checking your span. Locate the two creases at your finger joints and mark a line in the middle between the two as shown in photo. Set your ball on a table, fully insert your thumb and lay your fingers across the holes and stretch them pretty taught, then relax the hand. Once the hand is relaxed the line you drew between the two creases should fall within one eighth of an inch to the edge of each fingerhole.

Thumb and finger pitches I think I could write a book on thumb pitches alone but the idea behind this series is to hit the basics so I will keep it simple. First a brief explanation of what pitches are is in order.

If you drill the thumbhole with a lot of reverse pitch then you will be trying to palm a basketball and if you drill the thumbhole with a lot of forward Bosling then you will be palming a baseball. Obviously only those with the largest hands can palm a basketball but I think the illustration helps bowlers understand why they tend to drop the ball off the thumb if it is drilled with too much reverse pitch. If the pitch is too far forward for the bowler the thumb will get trapped in the hole and the ball will hang. This may be a point of contention with your ball driller. The drilling industry has produced drilling charts that recommend a thumb pitch with each length of span; as the span lengths increase on the chart the thumb pitch moves slightly more reverse.

Thumb pitch Bowling

Examples are a span that is four inches in length Bowling thumb pitch a recommend thumb pitch of one eighth inch forward. A span that is four and one quarter inches in length corresponds to a thumb pitch of zero. The chart is recommending that for each Bowlint eighth of an inch the span thymb the thumb pitch should be moved back reverse direction by one sixteenth of an inch. A problem arises when ball drillers try to reverse the chart and say that with each thumb pitch change the span must be changed as well, to correspond to the chart. The chart may be a good starting point but most of the best bowlers in the world have thumb pitches that are more forward than the charts suggest.

Before anyone starts screaming that this guy was some young buck freak of nature with a double jointed thumb or something that was not the case at all, he is a 50 year old senior PBA member with no special flexibility in the thumb. It is much better to only change one thing at the time so you will know exactly the outcome of each change. I am not saying that there is no relationship between the span and the thumb pitch; I am just saying they are not nearly as locked together as many people think. Once you are close to your limit on thumb pitch then you can tweak the span a little if you need too.

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