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Banana Anal Play

Boxes for cheating me to great I'll do 2 next passed when I have more momma.

Severe swelling around the eyes, and throat, eyes running in water and getting very itchy.

The instructions do attitude to be greener. Domains great when I let every, love the best.

Cherry tomatoes are no problem though T need to use a "stuffer" if I want more than three. Feels great when I let loose, love the rinsing. I've never done bananas. Got me thinking though, thanks.

I saw a patient in a nursing home one time sliding an unpeeled banana up her pussy. Poor lady had dementia. Please help me on this one? I put them in there for about 15 min. Then i inserted 2 glycerine suppositories then inserted the 2 bananas and OMG!! The feeling was great!! Too soft and mushy and they didn't push in.

Banana to Anal play how

I had a thought of having my bsnana make a large syringe type of item that could have a banana whole or too put in it and then it could be injected. Then even those old brown bananas could be useful and fun. I did it to my girl once yeah, only once. I dipped banana in canola oil, then slowly inserted in her ass. I had to use a thin dildo to push banana real deep. And inserted a butt plug.

She kept telling me that it felt like she needed to poop and poop bad. I made her keep it for half a day, later I inserted 2 fleet laxative suppositories and when they started to work, 1 qrt of lemon juice enema. When she released, it was fire works!!! My experience with grapes and bananas are that they are ready to come shooting out the moment you relax.

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