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Miami Sexual Abuse Defense Lawyer

Let us send a few investigation of the washers to determine the top strategy for intimacy a highly eligible defense. If you are having sexual assault or gal charges, you need to take men to ensure that your friends are prohibited.

Penalties for sexual abuse in Florida are as follows: Lead Attorney Rothman is even a Board Certified Criminap Trial Lawyer meaning he has exceptional training in Florida criminal law and the experience to outmaneuver the prosecution. Part of our success in this area includes the fact that attorneys Joseph Lombardi and Paul Garelick are former prosecutors in Edison Township and South Plainfield, respectively. If you are facing sexual assault or rape charges, you need to take steps to ensure that your rights are protected.

Criminal defense lawyer sexual Abuse

That stigma can be as long-lasting and pervasive as it is severe. Sexual abuse is also known as sexual battery lzwyer includes rape and all forced sexual contact, not to mention circumstances when the victim is physically unable to give consent. Further, your probation officer may not allow you to live in certain locations. It is up to your Miami sex crimes attorney to argue for your innocence or to push for a reduction in your charges.

sexua Their experience as prosecutors helps us build a defense that understands the tactics and goals of the prosecution. If you are facing sex crimes charges, you need to immediately begin working to build the most effective defense available. A sex crimes conviction is a difficult thing for a potential employer to get past. The most common defense to sexual abuse is that the contact was consensual.

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Begin your defense by speaking with the firm lwwyer a free consultation— ! We Provide Stellar Legal Defenses Regardless of your charges, you have a right to cdiminal legal defense with which our Miami sexual abuse defense lawyer can provide you. You face severe penalties if you have been charged with sexual abuse, which means you should speak right away with a Miami criminal defense attorney to defend you from a conviction. To schedule your free initial consultation, call or simply contact us online.

Our firm stands ready to provide high-quality representation no matter what you have been accused of. Contact our skilled and experienced attorneys today. During that time, we have built a solid reputation for providing superior representation.

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