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Living life sans red marks and a squished cleavage is really just how it should be. Zero boobs, zero fuss. And yes, that comes from a girl that spends 90 per cent of her time braless.

If you're flummoxed on the fashion dos and don'ts then here's some style tips to get you figure confident whatever you're wearing. Embrace your bee stings Flat chested girls Exxtra the pick of the bunch when it comes to shopping. You can pretty much style up anything simply because you haven't got the added stress of finding room for those breasticles. You might feel reluctant to try anything too revealing or attention grabbing but it's really a case of the opposite. Smaller chests can make the raciest of outfits look totally demure. In other words, you've got the green light to dress five kinds of slutty. Just kidding - but the point is, girls with smaller boobs rarely run the risky of looking borderline Moulin Rouge however revealing you go.

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Get fashion high Plunging necklines - check! High necklines - Extra small boobs Is there anything you can't pull off? Whether you're embracing your modest cleavage or choosing to cover it up, both sides of the style spectrum will work wonders on a smaller chest. A higher neckline not only looks sophisticated and classy but compliments your slim smaall and flatters your slender shoulders and chest. If you're looking for a xEtra dressed style icon take a cue smaol the timeless beauty Audrey Hepburn. The beautiful brunette invented her own iconic look; straight trousers, a simple black sweater and ballet pumps. Usually in high neck jumpers or tops, she made the most of her elegant neck and dainty shoulders.

Ribbed crops, camis and tanks, they're your fashion BFF. Thin straps and cropped styles draw attention to your toned arms and upper body while diverting attention from? You got it, your hooters. That said, a little hint of side boob never hurt anybody. Hit the beach Whether you want to fake your way to a fuller bust or flaunt your perky pair there's a bikini fit for every purpose. Opt for deets up top such as frills and tassels to create the illusion of a fuller bust - padded halternecks are a vacay essential! Having a smaller bust means you can also get away with bandeau tops and triangle bikinis a la Cameron Diaz dreambod Don't rule out that one piece either.

A cut out style will create curves in all the right places while drawing attention to the swimsuit itself, rather that what's filling it.

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