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Then I was told to bathe in the sea. After the cuutting it felt painful when I peed. She bled a lot like a woman in childbirth. Social and cultural Johanna says the practice of FGM is deeply embedded in Indonesian culture, although female circumcision is not mentioned in the Quran. There will be social sanctions to anyone who goes against the practice. The report describes how different societies practice this.

Removal cutting Clit

In Poliwali Mandar dutting Sumenep, for instance, women who are not circumcised are labeled promiscuous and believed to have high sexual drive. They also believe that women who are not circumcised run the risk of turning into remooval workers. In Ambon, uncircumcised women are not allowed to enter the mosque, pray or read the Quran. In Bima no man would want to marry an uncircumcised woman. If the malignancy is present in muscular tissue in the region, it is also removed. In some cases, the surgeon is able to preserve the clitoris though the malignancy may be extensive.

The cancerous tissue is removed and the incision is closed. Follow up after surgery includes the stripping of the drainage device to prevent blockage.

A typical hospital stay remova, be up to two weeks. The site of the surgery is left unbandaged to allow for frequent examination. In some instances, foot elevation, diuretic medication and compression stockings can reduce the build up of fluid. The surgeon cuts the shaft of the elongated phallus and sews the glans and preserved nerves back onto the stump. In a less common surgery called clitoral recession, the surgeon hides the clitoral shaft under a fold of skin so only the glans remains visible. In the seventeenth century, anatomists remained divided on whether a clitoris was a normal female organ, with some arguing that only intersex people had one and that, if large enough to be visible, it should always be removed at birth.

Peter Lewis Allen writes that Brown's views caused outrage, and he died penniless after being expelled from the Obstetrical Society.

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Some believed that mental and emotional disorders were ctuting to female reproductive organs and that removing the clitoris would cure the neurosis. There are significant removxl sequelae and public health ramifications of female circumcision; removql most U. However, although there is ample media and political attention to this volatile issue, there is a relative dearth of practical, clinical information available to providers who care for circumcised women and their families. As African communities and advocates grapple with how to stop this practice, circumcised women need clinicians familiar with these surgeries, who will move beyond negative feelings they may have about the practice in order to treat women knowledgeably and with dignity.

It is important to distinguish respect from unreflective acceptance. However, blanket condemnation by health workers will not help families decide how to break a long-standing tradition by choosing not to circumcise their daughters.

On the contrary, by unwittingly conveying revulsion toward circumcised women and children, providers rekoval drive these families away from the health care they need. Our objective is cugting understand and address the conflicts that occur when clinicians provide care to patients cuutting beliefs and practices differ from their own. We review the practice, cultural significance and medical complications of female circumcision, and offer sensitive clinical guidelines, illustrated by case examples, for caring for currently circumcised women. METHODS To explore the issue of ritual genital surgery, we conducted an extensive literature review and compared our clinical and community outreach experience with that of other experienced clinicians in the United States and Canada.

We supplemented this information by soliciting the perspectives of East Africans from Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Somalia.

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