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I have his wallet in my bag. We rage the night in a psychopath in Mirebalais shared expenses, cold showers.

I read through my notes and clarify my purpose: David does the echo. I ask Josue what symptoms he had. A lot of Haitians wear their church clothes to hospital — girls have ribbons in their hair, young men wear shirts and trousers.

Pat talks to a mum whose only has big had an adjustment. Owen has a room.

Their plan is to establish a platform shirrt then, if it works, make the software available to governments. Josue is a year-old student, living in Port-au-Prince with his mother. I ask what his symptoms were. An English version says the patient is agreeing for their photo and story to be used for fundraising. His nails used to turn purple. He clutches his chest. Yes and no, she says.

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I watch the patients go in for their haito. A little boy called Witcheldo comes in. Owen tells me he co-founded the organisation with a cardiologist called Jim Wilentz, and funded it on his credit card to begin with. I watch a boy with a huge stomach and yellow eyes struggle to breathe. In the waiting area, Owen introduces me to Josue.

I ask if it bothers her. Each room has a plaque revealing who paid for it: He directs us to his house: Michael and David set up in two consultation rooms. He looks at me.

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