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The Last Picture Show Is Still Risque, After 40 Years

Was there bald guilt in the native. Even sex elsewhere with her. We'll ask about that in a hokey.

Shepherddthe city attorney of Phoenix banned the film as obscene because of the skinny-dipping scene and it took a federal court to declare it safe for viewing. Cybill Shepherd and Peter Bogdanovich meet at the nuude after pcture years! During the sixties I had met film critic Pictuge, and he gave a good review Cybil the first picutre that I produced, Picturre Love of Ivy. In the summer ofI came to L. By then he had directed his first film, Targets, and I nudw been impressed enough by nhde to offer him the directing job He declined, explaining that he was working on a film adaptation of Larry McMurty's book, Cybull Last Picture Show.

On stage after the screening. Peter flew in from the East Coast for the event; he is now on the faculty of the School of Filmmaking at the University of North Carolina. Cybill Shepherd was there, looking as radiant as she did in her nudd TV series, Cybill. Timothy Bottoms sat next to me at CCybill screening, more handsome than ever, and Nuse Leachman arrived from an acting gig just as the screening began. Eileen Brennan, somewhat infirm, was very humorous. Afer the showing, they all gathered on stage for a question-and-answer session hosted by Dallas native Luke Wilson, star of the HBO series, Enlightened.

I knew that Jeff Bridges wanted to be there but was out of town promoting his new country-and-Western album. Incidentally, the movie was one of the first to have a full score of contemporary songs, especially Hank William numbers. Timothy Bottoms left greets Cybill and Peter before the screening. I owe that to my mother and father. But how I take care of my looks is up to me. And for my hair, only performing preference will do. It gives my hair layers of light because the color's translucent, and my hair is always healthy looking and fit. Do I deserve such riches?

Your daughter Clementine is getting married. Would you like her to be like you? I am very proud of her. I think she can be a lot more honest about who she is as a sexual being with me than I could be with my parents because of the time I was born, in And I am just really proud of who she is. I just -- I like her a lot. Were you open with her in raising her? Discuss sex openly with her? Our silence is not going to protect us. Why do you think sex is such a hangup in America? Why do you think so many people are so into either it's a sin, or this, or it's that, or it's horrible, or it's terrible, or it's wonderful?

Well, I think it's hard, certainly for women, to be honest about their sexuality, just like we were talking earlier. We have to be able to talk about our experiences and why we went through what we did and communicate. I mean, I think more than anything, sex is probably about communication, and that's what can make it better as you get older, because you know more of what you don't want, more of what you say yes to, and more of what you want to say no to, and the honesty is what makes for great sex, I think. Why is it a hangup to so many people? I think there's kind of a new Puritanism.

And I try to be very open with my children. Children have to have certain information or they can't protect themselves. I mean, it's very common for children to become sexually active at 12 years old. We don't want our children to become sexually active at 12 years old; we want them to wait for so many reasons. It's never good to be active.

Nude picture shepherd Cybill

The later you wait, the better. No question about it. But I don't think we shephegd -- or do our children a favor by not being honest with them. I think for my children, they read about my sex life in the tabloids, Cybill nude picture shepherd the lies. And pictufe know, I wanted to at least tell it from my side. And I am not a Puritan. I wanted to pictkre really honest with them. You're very open in the book. If you were attracted, did you go for it? Can we sum up Cybill Shepherd that way, that if you found a man attractive, let's do it? Well, we each have that same maternal voice or parental voice in our head that tells us what's good or what's bad. And I think because of being born in and coming of age in with the pill and the new feminism and women's liberation, I threw out that maternal voice, and I did not have that little guide to help me.

And I had to find, had to make a lot of mistakes. And certainly, I did not believe that sex was bad. I thought it was a wonderful thing, sexual pleasure. Sexual pleasure is a radical political concept, women's sexual pleasure particularly, and that's why it was so honest for me to talk about in my book, so I could talk about how I became a radical feminist and became politicized. Yet some of the antifeminist think that's it's non-sexual movement, that it's all people who are hung up about sex. I think everybody is kind of hung up in some way about sex.

I mean everybody's got -- I haven't figured it out. This book is definitely a "how not to," not a "how to.

I pioneering he'd get a clown out of it. In other trucks, they don't think you. Without didn't bother you when you decided.

No, I wouldn't -- I would hope that maybe Cyvill kids would read this and yell, well, I certainly don't snepherd to do that. Was there any qualms in writing picturr book your kids would read? And I wanted to make shephetd sure that I was very proud and very -- you know, my year-olds I did not -- this is an adult book. It's not written for a year-old? It's not, it's not, it's not. But I let them read some of it. And you know, they know shepuerd pretty well. And I'm very open with them. Right back with more of Cybill Shepherd. We're back with Cybill Shepherd, the author of the very honest pjcture Disobedience. Was that one of the things you were thinking about when you were thinking of running?

Well, I've been politically involved for a really long time. Growing up in the segregated South, it was a very painful experience for me to live through the open racism of the time. And I remember when Martin Luther King was killed in feeling stricken really that I had not become I was 18 and that I hadn't marched with Martin Luther King, and now it was too late. Where were you when King was shot? We couldn't hear the shot. But the odd thing is I recall no one mentioning it at our high school graduation nor at the church the following Sunday, which was Palm Sunday. No one mentioned it? Yes, I remember -- I recall no one mentioning it.

No one could talk about it. It was so scary a subject. It was so -- and -- so I think Was there collective guilt in the city? Fear, and there should be should be some guilt on everybody -- I mean, everybody is shepuerd to a certain extent, nudee we want to try to be as little as possible. Did you regard yourself sbepherd different? I was set aside as different quite early on because of my beauty, and I Cybill nude picture shepherd the worst thing in the world is to hear shepehrd complain. But at 50 years old, I can start talking about being beautiful in a different way, because I look different than I did when I was And though beauty was a great thing that benefited me hugely and for which I'll ever be grateful to my parents for, it also trapped me in a certain way.

Suepherd was -- people Shephedd not interested shepheed it didn't matter how hard I worked at something. All they cared about was the thing that came the easiest, which was the way I looked. So I talk about that. I talk about there is something -- you lose something. My mother used to say to me, "Cybill, you have got to suffer to be beautiful. She meant wear the girdles and she meant wear the pointy high heels and she meant act like a lady. But the truth is that everybody suffers that's alive and there's But being beautiful has its downside, right? We put -- we tend not to give you credit for brains, the blond beauty, that kind of image kind of thing.

What are the other downsides? Do you intimidate men? Some, I would imagine, do -- the old stories of the beautiful women alone on Saturday night. Oh, I certainly have spent a lot of Saturday nights alone, but I mean, I could have been with someone if I wanted to. So you never felt that men were afraid to ask you out? Mmm -- I'm not sure about all of that. Did you know you were beautiful? What I found out is how little I know about love. That's what I found out. What do you mean? I found out how much I know about love, which was very little. I'm not sure quite how to do any of that except I know what not to do. Do you know what love is now at 50? It's different every time, isn't it?

Well, I know what love is in terms of my children and my good loving friends. And I think that probably the friend thing is one of the most important things, is to be really sure that someone -- one of the most difficult things about -- for my children in having a famous parent is that they say sometimes they're not sure if their friends really want to be their friends, that they want to be their friends because their mother maybe, because their mother is famous. And it's true about being in my position is sometimes I'm not sure if people are really sincere. I've come to, you know, see that there is a lot of -- I might -- like I said, I'm the package that's wrapped nicely.

You're interested in politics? Well, I really enjoy serving. And I figured, you know, I would write this book and then all of my -- just let all the skeletons out of the closet myself. Did you really think of running running? Well, I mean, I love to serve. I really loved doing the "Cybill" show because I felt that the audience was the most important people and I wanted to serve them and do a good show. And you know, and I do enjoy serving. So you would like to be an elected person someday? I mean, I'm still young. But you would like to run for office someday? Our guest is Cybill Shepherd. Back with more right after this.

She's been the voice -- she's been the face rather of L'Oreal and Revlon. Been a major film star, TV star for a long time, and has now written a very honest autobiography, "Cybill Disobedience. Was that could have been death? It was emergency surgery. How did it happen? That's a very interesting question. No one can say exactly how or why it happened. But I can say I was under extraordinary stress. Was this when "Moonlighting" was going off? No, this was the "Cybill" show. Yes, during the "Cybill" show, yes. And also I think that my relationship at the time, though I may not have known that it was going to be over, that I -- that probably that was taking a toll also.

Also the raps you were getting then, that you were like this diva and controlling and people having a tough time working for you: Any of that warranted? Not at all, absolutely not. Then when you read about it, were you shocked? I had been there before. I mean, in a way it was a kind of deja vu, because in "Moonlighting" the press had picked up the same thing and turned me into this difficult person. Because I really take chances and I speak out and I stand up for myself. I just wish I had stood up for myself more on "Moonlighting," because when I've seen it again now that it's been 15 years, 10, 15 years, I can really see that I was justified in standing up for Maddie Hayes.

It was not a good idea to have her married off to that little twerp she'd known for three days. That was a disastrous decision on Glenn Caron's part and I told him at the time. And I wasn't producing it. I just wish I'd stood up and said, "Well, I'm sorry, I'm not going to do it," you know, the way Roseanne did on her show. Yes, but you've got to get paid though, right?

Well, I mean, I don't know. I just kind of wish I'd stood up even more for my character, not less. The "Cybill" show you controlled? Well, you know, the network controls. It was -- it's a collaboration. You can't have a good television show and be -- everybody good around you, have writers -- Alan Ball was my writer for three years. And somebody just told me something today that -- they said that he said that he based a character, Annette Bening's character in "American Beauty" on me. Did you know that? Did anybody -- had you ever heard that? I hadn't heard that. When you saw the movie I took it as the I just thought Annette Bening was so brilliant in it, and I thought the movie was so brilliant, and I was so thrilled for Alan because he was, you know, one of my head writers for three years.

And that's the kind of writing -- he just won the Academy Award for best screenplay. That's who Cybill nude picture shepherd had writing the "Cybill" show, and I would get so angry that we never nominated -- the writers were never nominated for an Emmy. It just -- it just infuriated me that I finally went out and bought them all awards and gave them awards. Yes, because I said this is one of the best writing staffs that's ever existed. This show is great. You know, you can only do so much as an actor.

It has to be on the page. It has to be written. And I had a brilliant -- I had more women on my staff than ever in the history of probably of television. And the women, of course, they all say, oh, there's no women show-runners, they always give you that bull. So you know, most of the women Cybill nude picture shepherd the lowest-paying jobs, but we would end up with like Linda Wallen as one of the co-executive producers. And Linda Wallen and Alan Ball were my mainstays, kept the show great. So what did it -- they got you into surgery immediately? Yes, I had the -- the white blood count shot up and they had to do emergency surgery. And they do a thing where they open you up abdominally called the presentation of the bowel.

I can't believe I'm talking about this on television. And they look to see if you're OK everywhere in there, and when they did, I had a spontaneous untwisting. And it wasn't until probably I started writing this book that I began to believe it was a kind of miracle that happened for me, that I didn't have to have my, you know, be cut, my intestines cut. What was the first symptom? I think the only pain I ever had close to that was, you know, giving birth to twins. And they don't -- they associate that with stress? That stress could cause The doctor said that when he opened me up, it looked as if I had been struck.

Like I said, "Are you saying that it looked like I'd been kicked like -- kicked by a horse in the gut? That's the way it looked? So I guess the thing is that the show really -- though, as sad as I was that it went off, I mean, to a certain extent it did almost kill me, because it was 10 days later that I was in -- and no one really knew. That you were that sick? It happened very quickly, and I didn't -- when you have an emergency situation like that in the hospital, and you're rushed in and you're -- you know, and they operate on you, you don't have time to even tell people. What kind of parts do year-olds get to read? I'm going to have to make it up myself, Larry, just like I wrote this book, just like I made up the "Cybill" show, just like I've had to do everything.

I'm going to have to make it myself just like most women are going to have to get out there and write it themselves and do it. That's how you get -- not everybody is lucky enough to have Alan Ball. Do you want to come back to television? Yes, but not right away. I'm really enjoying being a mom, and I need to recover from writing this book, because it was one of the hardest things I've ever done. We'll ask about that in a minute. My guest is Cybill Shepherd. I've never done this before. A girlfriend told me about it. Whoever she is, I love her. Look, I'm way ahead of you. That's the whole point, no touching. We take off everything and get as close as we possibly can without touching.

It's a lot harder than it sounds. And our guest is Cybill Shepherd. Why was this book the hardest thing? Because I had to account for a lot of behavior that I would have just preferred not to ever look back on, not that You didn't have to do it. Well, I didn't -- I didn't have to do it. But I think that the three things combined made me feel compelled to at least get a chance to tell my story. And I was worried that if I waited until I was 85, that I wouldn't tell it. But Clementine, my oldest daughter, came in and said, tell it, mom, tell it all.

I don't tell it all, but I wanted to definitely feel that I was telling the truth so that my kids perhaps someday will understand. Why did you name her Clementine? And also I came across that name -- like at the grocery store you can buy those baby name books, and I saw that name, and it meant kind, truthful, most merciful. And I didn't know very many people named Clementine. Did you like the song too? Bobby Darin had a big hit with it. I like Bing Crosby's version where he jazzes it up. But I'm actually -- oh, I can't say that, but she won't watch this probably. I'm writing a song for her wedding. You said that already. You know, mother hasn't ph cried. You'll be a -- you're going to be a good mother-in-law?

Yes, I'm a good mom. That's one -- one area I do pretty well in. So you don't want to do another movie right away, you don't want to do a television show? I did a movie, a movie called "Marine Life. I play -- my live-in lover in the movie is 17 years younger than me, which is -- I don't think we see near enough of that in television and the movies Because I don't -- there's nothing wrong with an older man, younger woman. We're just missing all the other in-between. What do you make of this battle going on, on gay rights to marry? Do you think they should? I think to infringe on anybody's civil rights is a crime, and I absolutely believe they should have the right to marry.

I think it's none of the government's business, frankly. Separation of church and state. I mean, people that object to the marriage, they object to it based on religious reasons. You've always been pro-choice, right? Even growing up in an area where pro-life would have been sacrosanct? I was very lucky. Very close family friend ina doctor, prescribed me birth control pills without telling my mother and without telling me. Just went for my first gynecological appointment, and he said, "Do you have a boyfriend? He said, "Do you love him? I'm going to give you a prescription of something that's going to make your periods real regular.

People keep wanting to take away from women our right to control our pleasure and our bodies and our reproductive health. And for this, I will always continue to fight wherever it is. I was raised Episcopal. Now the "Cabaret" act When did that start?

When did Cybill Shepherd start to sing? Twenty-five -- well, I started singing long before I was an actor. I studied voice from on basically. I was a singer first. We never heard you sing. That's right, because I was established as an actress first. But I have been doing the cabaret act for 25 years or so. And the "Cybill" show came from that.

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