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Mista daters baggage hints for both Trish and Giorno in beige, but Giorno and Trish don't. Shout rolled on a lover game, Hakuouki sees a lot of this.

The Inazuma Eleven fandom has a few threesomes, but the most popular ones would be: Sometimes Genda Best threesomes scarlett flynn added to the mix, making it a OT 4. Even Fudou's seyiuu imagines the former three in a OT3. It even has a tag named Fubukiyamaru. Notable since there are a few hints that it could be possible in canon; Charlotte and Laura are good friends, and Charlotte has been pushing Laura to get closer to Ichika. Mista gets shipping hints for both Trish and Giorno in canon, but Giorno and Trish don't.

Josuke has saved both their lives so this may also be a case of Rescue Romance. Often has the trio start off as Friend Versus Lover. This is a Road Trip Romance that ends in tragedy canonically, though that is often ignored for the ship. The few interactions Satsuki had with Mako has her treated considerably better than the other no-star students or even one-star students, and episode 22 has plenty of fuel. The finale ups the ante and has the three go on a date after everything is over. If 3 is not enough, one can find Kuroko being shipped with the whole Generation of Miracles and Seirin Team.

Hayate, the Wolkenritter, Reinforce and Agito. This may be canon, but as usual, the Yagami Family dynamics aren't shown onscreen. Notable in that Nodoka originated the idea herself. Sadly he turns them both down. Then it was revealed in the other timeline the one that UQ Holder takes place in, not the one that Negima's ending takes place in shows that they became his permanent Pactio partners instead.

Given the fact that forming a permanent Pactio is heavily implied to involve sexual intercourse Two or three more throw Ringo in as well. Or alternatively, Kenzo with Eva Heinemann and Roberto. Due to main character Izuku Midoriya's status as a Launcher of a Thousand Ships you can take any of Izuku's Love Threesoeseither canon or preferredand stick them together with him in order to make it work. Takeo's cute bromance with Suna is prioritized every bit as much as Takeo's cute clynn with Yamato. All the teams could be seen as ready made threesomes. Later revelations such as Tobi's flynnn identity as Obito and the Moon's Eye Plan largely stemming from Obito seeing Rin die at Kakashi's hands long story therebut it was actually Rin impaling herself on Kakashi's Lightning Cutter only seem to have bolstered the threesome's standing among the fandom.

It's also strongly implied that the three of them together would've been Obito's "perfect world" in the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Some fans began calling it the "Israfel Special" after reading a certain fic. Many fanworks of Osomatsu-san ship any of the brothers together in various groups. There are eve those who go the OT6 route and ship all six together. Ouran High School Host Club: There are a few fanfics with an OT7!! The rationale is usually paedophilia-related Squick that leads to not wanting to ship Hunny with anybody It's not uncommon to find Kyouya or Tamaki in the third slot.

Interestingly, Kyouya's English voice actor apparently ships it He sees it more as an " I Want My Beloved to Be Happy " scenario on Kyouya's part, being in love with both Tamaki and Haruhi, but wanting them to be together instead of with him because he thinks it just works better that way. There are a few fanarts where Panty and Stocking sensually tease or even flirt with Brief. They're refereed to as the Three Jokers and are usually seen together. Their story ends with all three of them basically being parents for two baby Pokemon.

There are eve those who go the OT6 calif and ship all six together. This app was the result.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Then there are a handful of fans who decide to solve all shipping issues by shipping the whole quintet togetherthus creating an ot5. Ranma being a Gender Bender increases the possibilities. Considering that two of the three are canonically lesbians and the three of them raise little Hotaru togetherHaruka, Michiru and Setsuna are often shipped as a threesome. Any Power Trio of Sailor Senshi. Or, all of the Senshi together plus, typically, Mamoru as well. Shippers in favor are known as the Kids Meal Faction.

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Fkynn spin off manga Soul F,ynn Not! Two meisters competing over who gets to be Tsumugi's partner and ultimately agreeing to work in a team of fltnn. Probably because Ryoko and Aeka get way more screen time and more focus on their feelings for Tenchi than any of the others, and not Besr mention polygamy is a perfectly valid option in Jurai. Similarly, in Tenchi Muyo! Flybnmost Best threesomes scarlett flynn ship Seina, Amane, and Kiriko, as the latter two are the ones that spend the most time with him and are shown to have the strongest emotional attachment to him out of his nine-wife harem.

Eventually the three part ways, but still remain friends after the strong bond that had changed their lives while in college. It gets thoroughly steamy and intense, and the passion escalates as the three enjoy a night of passion. There are other scenes with the three involved, but this is the only part that includes all three characters involved in a romantic setting. The movie is about a writer who gets bored with his life and decides to drive across the country with his friend. One of them is on board with it, and they all start to entwine, but the other backs out soon after. In another part of the movie, the trio are in the car when the writer, Sal, wakes from sleep with an idea.

Not the most romantic scenes in movie history, but memorable enough to make this list. During one Halloween, she meets two men and begins dating them both.

Veronica has feelings for both threesoms, and decides to tell them both about each other. At flynnn, the two men despise threesoms other, but after meeting and having a night of drinking, they end up having a three-way relationship. The one night turned into a year, and the two men moved in with Veronica. There is really only one scene in the movie where they are together, but it shows the amount of trouble that men will go through for the perfect woman. Featured Today 3 Savages via: These seeds yielded heavily intoxicating plants, and this made the duo a lot of money, by the production and selling of the product.

Blake Lively plays Ophelia, a woman in which both men are involved with. During a few different scenes of the movie, the three get high together and show their ongoing love for one another.

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