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Let me take a minuet to explain here. I'm just under 8 inches and fairly thick. There were few things that turned me on more than seeing Dawn with a nice big dick with the exception of seeing her with another woman or couple!!! By the time I was ready to start taking pics she had guided him to the bed using his cock and sat him down on the edge of it. I could tell that he as already about to cum and Dawn said if he did this soon he'd better hope that there was a lot more in there!!! We all knew she was teasing because we'd played together several times before and knew he was almost as multi-orgasmic as I am!!! He continues to drink her up enjoying each drop.

He climbs up to show his face covered in juicy cum, his smile says it all, He looks over to me and says.

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sx I untie Juicy and tell her to get Dp sex stpries on her knees. Stpriies guest is already starting to get undressed. Juicy starts sucking on his solid shaft and I watch as she dribbles spit down it. I know she will deep throat him, so I assume position behind her, bring her knees up to sttpries me easy access to her stories. Then I slide my cock into her dripping wet cunt. He is already sucking on her massive swollen clit as Srx start to fuck her hard. Her cum juices dribble from her excited pussy soaking his face, I grab her hips and use them to pull myself home. I feel as she deep throats him, her cunt muscles tighten on me as she gags.

He moans with pleasure, as does Juicy as my cock pounds her Cervix. His arms wrapped around her firm body, Juicys hands gripping his cock, me holding onto her waist. The scene is almost complete as I feel my Groin heat up, the urge begins. She lifts her face free of his saliva drenched crotch and says. My cock hardens and grows momentarily, then, I grip it by the stem with my fingers and thumb. Juicy lets put a stifled. Not deep, just enough to let it cream pie. Then another, then I quickly pull out and force it back into her cunt. Again just the tip so my cum dwells in her opening. I massage the shaft to make sure I give her every last drop.

I authored Billy that I was adapted happily for a quick. This is before the needs of fear phones. Our archives become wasted, her moans spur us both on.

I keep my tip inside her as the sensitivity is an awesome feeling. Juicy is still busy enjoying his cock. I feel her pussy tighten as she continues to deep throat him. He is still enjoying her pussy and clit and of course her mouth.

He buries his tongue deep into her cunt, sucking at it as he does. Cleaning up the sticky warm mess. Then he moves to her arse and does the same, eating her like a starving man. Then he releases her arse cheeks and gestures to lift her body. On Wednesday the bank corporation called him to help them. It seemed their affiliate banks were having trouble implementing the new guidelines the government and the banking system agreed on. He had attended the big meeting in Washington DC and came home […] Written by jimmybeeps, December 16th, Ernesto is a 50 year old single man who is a bank president.

She is 25 years old, petite, beautiful, and looks like a school girl. Bernadette, or Bernie as I called her, got home before I did. She had showered and changed into her sexy little outfit. A wild time for swinging. She will be 25 years old. Bernie still works at the hospital. I sucked on it Dp sex stpries just a second before I had to come back up for air. As my head emerged from the water, he met me with a kiss. I could feel his hand sliding down my bikini shorts; ending up at my clit. He stripped Dp sex stpries of my bikini and began to lick my clit.

I started to moan and could feel the urge and tingling sensation come over me. You want to make this little slut cum? Ya, you want me to cum all over that finger of yours? Make this little pussy cum! Make me cum for you! I sat there, taking everything in. I slid back down into the water and began stroking his dick again. I want to fuck it so bad! I want you to shove it in this little pussy and make me cum! He quickly turned me around, bent me over the side of the pool, and began thrusting his cock inside me. It felt so good. I screamed in ecstasy as I came all over it.

Again and again he made me cum, making me beg for more each time. I could feel him getting close and I came harder than ever as his dick spurted his seed within my pussy, filling it to the rim with his white juices. It became silent as we stayed still, feeling the rush of energy within us, filling our entire bodies with ecstasy. A few minutes later, we decided to get out of the pool and go shower the chlorine off in the shower. As I was washing my hair, I could hear my lover step into the bathroom. Before I knew it, he was getting in the shower with me.

He took my sponge and started to wash my back. Then, my sponge fell to the floor and he began running his hands over my back and butt. Everywhere he touched began to tingle. I thought I was going to cum right then and there. Next, his hands began to run down between my legs and I could feel his hand reach my pussy. He began to rub it back and forth, over my clit. His hand went down and I thought he was going to stick his fingers inside my tight hole and then I felt something much bigger. His dick was being pushed deep inside me.

Bigger than ever, I came right there; all over his dick. He kept pushing his dick in deeper and deeper, stretching my pussy to the max. The first time Billy, took it upon himself to dip his finger into my arse during sex, I almost exploded. The sensation of the pressure of his finger in my ass and his cock in my pussy was delicious. From then on he would always finger me there when he knew I was just about to cum. We started to use my dildo occasionally but as my ass hole is very very tight it took a bit of stretching and a lot of practice.

Eventually he was able to fill both holes at the same time. One with the dildo and one with his cock.

I loved being plundered and pounded until I reached a shattering orgasm. It felt very slutty Dl was enough to keep me satisfied. One Friday night during the summer, I came home from a long hot day at work, desperate to kick my heels off and relax. When Sfpries walked in the door I could hear voices coming from the kitchen. Billy was leaning against the sink talking to his friend John who was sat at the table. They had just come back from football training judging by the pile of sweat clothes by the washing machine.

His ex-girlfriend, Julie was very descriptive of his prowess in the bedroom and I would eagerly listen to their sexploits. When I saw both the boys in the kitchen I felt my clit twitch and despite my lethargy my thoughts roamed to having them both. I told Billy that I was going upstairs for a shower. I was in no mood to listen to them talk endlessly about football and how crap the ref was. I just wanted to get out of my clothes and get myself off. Standing in the bathroom, I took my clothes off as swiftly as I could, leaving only my tights and my bra on.

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