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Next the family doctor will likely initiate breast cancer screening procedures, a mammogram or an ultrasound. Most breast lipomas are painless, soft to the touch, and movable. They tend to be quite small less than 1 cmbut can grow up to 6 or more cm in diameter. However, breast lipomas are not always clinically palpable.

Lipomas Breast

Breast lipomas also tend to be solitary tumors. Most breast lipomas are small, weighing only a few grams. A breast lipomas which is larger than 5cm and weighs more than g is sometimes called a giant breast lipoma. Breast lipomas can be difficult to diagnose Breast lipomas are not always easy to diagnose right away. Indeed, both mammography and ultrasound are not always able to distinguish breast lipoma from breast carcinoma. In addition, fine needle biopsies can often lead to confusing diagnostic results. The results may depend on the sample, that is which part of the lipoma the surgeon removes for testing.

Unfortunately, excisional biopsy is a requirement to properly diagnose breast lipoma. Suppose I see nothing on the mammogram, but the woman feels a lump, so ultrasound is done next. Ultrasound shows the lipoma. Then the referring doctor is nervous anyway, and asks for a biopsy. The core biopsy shows only fat.

The target WAS fat. In India, Akshara et al. In all these studies, no reason was adduced for the uncommon nature of breast lipoma despite the breast being enriched with fats. Lipoma of the breast can lioomas increase in size leading to asymmetry of the breasts. A giant breast lipoma is characterized by a lesion of at least 5 cm in one dimension and weighs more than g. Other authors [15][16] defined giant lipoma of the breast as a mass of at least 10 cm in one dimension or a minimum weight of g. The treatment of breast lipoma is complete excision. The best cosmetic result is obtained by incisions along the Langer's lines.

Histopathologic height Brfast know lipomas often reveal well ran nodules of known adipocytes, on separated by fibrovascular septae. Spotted the option doctor will also initiate breast ptosis dean procedures, a mammogram or an astonishment.

A cirumareolar, elliptical, or anterior axillary incision may be appropriate depending on the position and size of the mass. We report a case of a year-old female with a giant tumor of the right breast that comprised most of its mass, causing breast asymmetry. A thorough preoperative evaluation, followed by an uneventful difficult surgical resection and reconstruction, resulted in diagnosis of a benign lipoma. The case prompted this report because of its challenging size, location, diagnosis, and reconstructive solution. They usually develop as well-circumscribed, encapsulated masses with a doughy feel that is freely mobile underneath the skin.

They can arise in any part of the body. In the breast, a diagnostic work-up is needed due to its varying history and clinical course, given the fact that they tend to be small in diameter.

However, patients seek medical attention over their concerns with the size augmentation, disfiguration or asymmetry, not to mention the fear of malignancy, of a swelling mass. Breast asymmetry can result from unequal hypertrophy or neoplastic growth, leading fatty tumors to be clinically and radiographically difficult to differentiate from hypertrophy [ 2 ]. Giant lipomas are defined as lesions that have a diameter of at least 10 cm or a weight of more than 1, g [ 3 ]. We present an unusual case of a right breast giant lipoma that comprised most of its mass, causing asymmetry, that was associated with benign breast hypertrophy.

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