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Ther are so many different kinds, each with their own quality, format, and way the videos were produced. As, this has steadier than usual cameras, mostly great shots, good editing, and so on. There's no introduction, no one hosting the videos, no form of editorial, just a lot of pointing the camera and filming. And, there's NOT a lot of image manipulation here that bugs me on some shows like this - stuff like funky colors, split screen shots, rapid motion, and so on. This is one of those videos that's not too bad, although I don't really recommend this video too much. In short, not bad, but not recommended.

Many well-endowed ladies here too, for sure! This DVD runs a typical 60 minutes, and has as a bonus a nice slide show of stills from the DVD that runs about 3 minutes. The quality of the video is actually pretty good, so thumbs up on the video quality.

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This is clearly a low budget, low cost video production with very little direction on what they wanted spting put on a DVD. Many well-endowed ladies here too, for sure!! This DVD runs a typical 60 minutes, and has a bonus of a nice slide show of stills from the DVD that runs about 3 minutes.

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