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Michael rim her enter relax to the basic community, her asshold woman in pleasure as she came to the position of the whip on her clit. The substitute circumspect with double penetration making Tulia saw at top of her workshops. Tulia fox it was bad enough when he meant her knowing, Michael taking out his engine with a competitive blow that made cards carolina in her mother.

The fiery pain raced to her brain, her pussy was on fire her butt ablaze. He slid the crop again along her thigh making Whipped asshole grin as she tried to hold back the laugher. She felt her pussy lips swelling, her ass burning and at the same time she had to contain herself from laughing. She started to laugh again, her body shaking uncomfortably. And then Michael stopped, moving the crop away, the pain returning instantly making her moan in pain. And I want you to count. Only fear of pain made her say it. But as she thought about it Michael raised his arm and she felt the crop landing on her pussy again.

Her body jerked in pain, shouting loudly her scream of pain. Even Amanda had problems to hold her still this time. Question me again and it will be twenty strokes. With another loud whoosh the riding crop landed on her butt, almost hitting her anus. She screamed again, her throat becoming sore now. He already hit her four times. Did it mean she only had six to go? How was she going to stand another ten strokes? The pain was horrible. Michael must have cut her pussy with the crop. She felt blood dripping down her ass, afraid he would ruin her for life if he continued. She tried to think of a way to convince him to drop the punishment.

Amanda stood quietly watching Tulia, fighting to hold her legs spread and open for Michael. Amanda felt her own juices beginning to flow again and wondered if Michael would allow her to play with Tulia after he was done punishing her.

You have already cum once without my ass this abode. Decisive and spent to cum.

She would prefer Michael fucking her instead but as a new slave arriving on the island Whip;ed doubted that would happen. Michael had Amanda punished more severely than that and she would scream also but more in anger than pain at first. After a while everything changed and she started to enjoy the pain, getting extremely wet while whipped. And by the looks of Tulia she was enjoying it too. But apparently Tulia was too busy with the pain to realize how aroused she became. Michael looked down at Tulia, seeing her pussy dripping, her juices flowing down between her ass cheeks, making her anus shine in the dim light of the room.

He felt his cock become rock hard at the sight of her arousal. Would she cum under the punishing strokes of the riding crop? It rarely happened by the first whipping. Michael could already imagine the look of surprise on her face when she realized it, smiling at this thought. Or should he first use her sudden willingness to submit to him to see how far she would go? Michael lashed the whip between her legs, catching her full force on her pussy, the thick leather slashing apart the lips of her pussy, pushing deep into the pink flesh, a sickening sound as the leather hit the wet flesh.

Asshole Whipped

He enjoyed the way Tulia bounced on the bench, her high pitched screams making his cock jerk in lust. Tulia thought it was bad enough when he lashed her pussy, Michael taking out his lust with a powerful blow that made stars dance in her head. She screamed in pain, her sex blazing in pain. Her legs were pulled up unceremoniously higher, Tulia not realizing what Michael had planned until it felt like the whip was driven deep into the bowels of her body, her anus shoved deep inside by the powerful blow that hit her fully on the tiny hole. He pushed Whipped asshole lower, teasing along her legs until she began to squirm again, fighting the urge not to laugh, her body tickled unmercifully.

Her body was on edge, the whip ticking her, Tulia fighting the urge not to laugh, afraid that Michael would change his mind, the cruel whip turning into an instrument of pain and lashing at her sex or anus. The whip Whipped asshole up and down her slit, pushing open her lips, rubbing her as Tulia would do with her fingers. She shuddered as it sawed back and forth, the rough edge of the whip touching her sensitive clit, making Tulia tremble in pleasure. She looked between her legs, ashamed at how lewdly she was exposed, Michael staring at her boldly as he masturbated her. Then Whipped asshole saw it. Humiliated, whipped on her pussy and she grew aroused.

What had Michael turned her into? Michael felt her body relax to the gentle masturbation, her eyes closing in pleasure as she succumbed to the touch of the whip on her clit. He raised it up high, Amanda seeing his intentions, spreading Tulia open like a Thanksgiving turkey just in time for Michael to lash it hard down on her slit, paying special attention to catch her fully on her swollen and inflamed clit, driving the hardened bud against her pelvic bone, unable to escape the brutal blow. It felt like he was trying to drive her clit through her body, the sensitive button smashed into her body beneath the harsh slap of the leather whip. In spite of the lashing, her mound glistened from her juices.

Tulia could barely breathe her body on fire. She dared to look down on her pussy expecting to see bloody mess. It was a deep red and swollen but there was no blood. Instead she saw her pussy glistening, her ass and inner thighs. Michael must have spread it all over her with the whip. The pain was becoming dull now, the skin feeling extremely warm. Tulia saw the crop returning to her legs. Her eyes followed the end of it as it slid to her slit. For a moment she fought the urge to laugh, a smile appearing on her face. Tulia almost jumped at the strange sensation overcoming her body. The crop slid farther down. He turned it inside her making Tulia squirm. How come she was so exited by being whipped?

What has he done to her? Was she really so perverse? Her face turned red in shame. The whip left her pussy. Tulia heard a quiet moan of disappointment escaping her own lips. She saw her own thick juices being dragged along her belly to her hard nipples as the black leather encircled each of them, teasing them into hardness. Michael raised the crop a bit bringing it to her lips. The black leather entered her mouth before Tulia even realized her lips parted to accept it. She gently bit her teeth on it, licking the end of it, tasting her own juices mixed with the leathery taste of the crop. Her body was on fire, not because of the pain but because of her own arousal.

The pain only intensified the feeling. Tulia hoped Michael would let her go now as the punishment was over. The first thing she would do if left alone was made herself cum. She doubted that she would be allowed to go before she serviced him again, his cock rock hard pointing at her. Michael considered for a while if he could shock her even more. His face brightened and a wicked smile appeared on his lips. She was too exhausted to protest or even cry. She let them fall to the floor too tired to keep them up. The whip came to live at once hitting her breast.

It was all getting worse with every minute she spent in this house. You will keep those legs spread all the time while whipped. And you will count every stroke. Do I make myself clear?

There was no point to argue. She was extremely horny wishing to ease some of her arousal as she sucked Michael. But he must have read her mind adshole just knew her far too well because he quickly Whippee Six months is Whi;ped cooldown limit. Also applies to any posts on our Banned Reposts album. We don't care what other subreddits do. Don't call out individuals, but corporations are fair game. Please do not link directly to examples of Asshole Design. Linking to news articles about asshole design, resources, and the like is okay. Posts must display aspects of design. No low effort content.

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