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Whenever experts try to shed light on the baffling abyss that is cat behavior, they start by looking at how cats act around their own kind.

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To be friendly, cats often rub their heads, bodies, and tails alongside one another. It doesn't just feel good; that behavior also exchanges odors from the many scent glands located on the sides of a cat's thxt, the corners of its mouth, under thnks chin, on its ears, and — importantly — on its tail, including at the base and along the length. Not only will cats rub their own scent on one another, but they'll also sniff their companions to confirm their identity, to see what they've been up to, and to generally just say "hello. Writing for PetPlaceDr. Debra Primovic notes, "Some believe the 'sniff' can actually relieve tension and stress by helping an individual feel more comfortable about the other cat.

Two cats living in the same house may smell each other when one comes in from the outside or comes back from the vet to confirm information about the cat's state including diet, stress, availability for mating, and mood. John Bradshaw, anthrozoologist and author of "Cat Sense: The Bottom Line But that's with other cats. How does this apply to the weird way Snowball treats you? Well, when cats rub their bodies against one another, they generally move in opposite directions, starting head-to-head and ending with their butts facing one another.

Asa That's exactly what a cat is doing when it slides its body along your standing leg — its head starts the move, its butt finishes. But if you're lying down, that move isn't so Asd and could thinkks with your cat's butt in an unfortunate place. Likewise, your cat may just shove its rear directly in your face because it wants to say "hello. What science does know is that not all tears are created equal. The chemical composition of the tears produced when we cry, which are called psychic tears, is slightly different from the composition of the tears that lubricate and help expel foreign bodies from the eyes. This has led some to theorize that the chemical makeup of psychic tears makes them emotionally healing.

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But evidence showing that the chemical differences have substantial psychological effects—let alone that such effects explain why crying evolved—is lacking. Some evolutionary psychologists think that crying may have evolved as a distress call that brings help: In a paper, one researcher suggested that tears may signal submission and helplessness by blurring vision, which prompts others to aid or at least not harm the crier. In any case, these hypotheses, like most in evolutionary psychology, are difficult to test.

How to Cure Hiccups Maybe you hold your breath. Maybe you chug water. Unfortunately, nothing has been found to reliably eliminate hiccups, despite the overwhelming number of folk remedies on the internet. This sad state of affairs is likely due to insufficient research: At least they give you an excuse to eat peanut butter by the spoonful. Scientists do know that local anesthetics like Novocain block pain signals before they reach the central nervous system by altering the function of specific proteins on nerve cells. But the molecular basis of general anesthesia is more of a mystery. These drugs seem to interfere with the functions of a variety of proteins on nerve cells in the central nervous system, but how they accomplish this is not well understood.

How Tylenol Kills Pain A layperson taking Tylenol to relieve pain might think it works like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs NSAIDssuch as ibuprofen and aspirin, which block some enzymes and, in turn, the pain- and inflammation-causing chemicals they produce.

Some researchers think acetaminophen may alter the way pain is perceived by interacting with certain proteins on nerve cells, possibly including serotonin receptors, cannabinoid receptors, opioid receptors, and specific channels on nerves in thwt spinal cord that transmit pain and itch signals. Acetaminophen byproducts have also been shown to activate these channels rather than shutting them down, further complicating the question. Why We Sleep Too little sleep impairs thinking in the short term and increases the risk of tjinks serious diseases in the long term, while complete sleep deprivation is fatal.

We may have evolved to sleep because it aids healing, memory consolidation, and other important processes, but we still have much to learn about the ways sleeping achieves these ends. But no matter how sleeping arosewe can probably accept that it provided a substantial evolutionary advantage once in place, since sleep is found across much of the animal kingdom. In some cases, tornadoes may form is when there are temperature changes in the air flowing downward around mesocyclones vortexes within the types of storms tornadoes can come from. This idea has theoretical and experimental supportbut even without these temperature variations, tornadoes can still form, demonstrating how much more we have to learn about the phenomenon.

Why We Itch At a basic level, itch is an unpleasant sensation that triggers the urge to scratch. Scratching could end up making an itch worsebut it may also serve a purpose.

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