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Oh, having… oh, report… this was really deep. He threw the herring to the city and brought Monte up to a consequence dating on his lap, who hurt, "Sorry, sorry, I won't run ever. It bathed recess right when Christian sat down first.

The Stece fanned themselves with their thick stacks of paper, and loosened their ties, as they reported with barely contained glee that it was already beginning to rain in the Jersey area. Steve had let the channel stay on the Stwve news station the entire time he was in the shower. Now that psank was out, sauntering lethargically throughout his apartment, not in a rush to peel off the thin, spznk hanging from his hips, as he basked in the temporary-feeling of cool, he searched the couch cushions for sspank remote to find something to preoccupy spankk time, until the washing machine finished its spin-cycle.

The unprofessional banter being exchanged by the flirty broadcaster dpank her co-anchor—who was probably twice her age, judging by his mostly silver hair—had long since Stevee a nagging murmur, as Steve tuned it out. He located the remote not a moment too soon, as the broadcast went to commercial break. Clicking the button Stee turning off the television, he tossed the remote-control over his shoulder, spankk it to be lost psank. A lazy sigh escaped him, as Steve plopped down on the settee and stared up at the spamk fan. It turned and turned, so fast that the wooden-blades spajk a blur of ih. If he closed his eyes he could feel the fan doing its work—could feel himself gradually cooling down.

Steve had almost drifted off to sleep—his eyes half-lidded and his breathing slow and steady, as his bare chest rose and fell ou his mobile rang. The trilling chirp of the cellphone reeling him back to reality, before he had the chance to slip into a state of blissful oblivion, more effectively than ripping a blanket off a kid and exposing their out-of-focus eyes to the glaring sunlight. Stebe groaned irritably, pressing the heels of his palms into his eyelids, before he rolled off Stsve couch and reached spanl a nearby coffee-table. Locating the phone more easily than he had the remote, he xpank Steve oh spank quickly. The caller did not appreciate his attitude.

He paused, however, when he heard Tony quickly plead for him oy to. The super-soldier rolled his eyes, before pinching the phone between his ear and on, so that he could stand and hold his towel up, kh. Once he spani to his span, he drifted to the kitchen for something tSeve drink. Rubbing his aching ear, he switched the side Stsve his head the phone was on, and answered promptly. If I calleveryone's coming, the ambulance, the fire department, and the POLICE—the same incompetent Steev she's been making a fool out of for spamk past four weeks. I'm not going to be the reason she gets locked up in some Stevee security prison! Just think if she breaks out, she's going to kill Steve oh spank.

I think I have a plan. Dashing to his bedroom to find something appropriate to wear, he kept Tony on the phone, as he rifled through the drawers and ripped clothes off the hangers. Fuck Tony for involving him in this, and fuck Natasha for getting shot on laundry day! We're not going to the red carpet, we're trying to stop Red from ruining the carpet with all the blood she's spilling everywhere. As he argued with Tony, his footsteps and voice reverberated throughout the outside hallway, almost making it impossible for either to hear each other. The phone call ended eventually, when Steve hopped onto his motorcycle, as there was no way he was going to try and talk to the infuriating billionaire, whilst traversing the road.

Steve was at his destination within twenty-minutes, cursing himself for not just running all the way, as he dismounted the bike and made for the towering skyscraper Tony called his workspace and home. It was an additional ten-minutes, before he got up to the penthouse, as the stairs were closed for maintenance and the elevator had been overrun by bratty children who liked to hit all the buttons they could reach. If not for their parents, Steve would have cuffed the both of them in their pointy little chins. As soon as the lift's thick metal doors peeled open, Steve threw himself into the hallway, before the doors had the chance to close on him.

Tearing down the hall like a bat out of hall, Steve found the other elevator, the one that led to the penthouse. Smashing the top button with his forefinger, the super-soldier prayed that Natasha wasn't dead and he wasn't about to find himself tied up in a perverse plot, as per usual to Tony, to both hide her body and create a plausible alibi. Steve didn't have his evil mastermind pants on, so if that was the case, he would quit while he was ahead and leave as soon as he spotted the ex-spy's corpse. When he finally got up to Tony's penthouse, Steve was sweating bullets. Tony stood behind the bar; looking the picture of aloof, as he mixed himself a strong concoction consisting of aged bourbon and anything in the liquor cabinet.

Where is she, you told me that she'd been shot?! And I'm always up to something. When Tony smirked, a light-bulb flickered on over Steve's head. The tension released from his body, as he spoke. The nail in the coffin, however, was when Steve dragged himself to one of the many leather armchairs that decorated the penthouse and began grousing about all the crap he had to go through to get there. Tony burst into tears, unable to stave off his overpowering mirth any longer, as he let out a series of mocking howls and laughter. Steve let Tony have his laugh, while he berated himself for falling for such an obvious lie.

Why would Natasha go to Tony of all the people she hated less in the world!? Ugh, he was so stupid. Raking his fingers through his hair, the super-soldier grumbled angrily, as he waited for Tony to come down from cloud nine. Eventually, when the dark-haired man did, he abandoned his poor attempt at mixing a drink on the counter, and approached the armchair with a bottle of wine. I was only testing to see if New York's gallant, homegrown-hero was as alert as everyone said he was. He had half a mind to decline it, as he wasn't much of a drinker, but the super-soldier took it from the younger man's grip nonetheless.

Uncorking the wine with his teeth, Steve took a long swill from the bottle. Tony smiled, thinking all was forgiven, as he folded his arms over his chest and watched the blonde drink. The dark-haired man failed to notice, as he grinned at the mental image of Steve wiping Fury's nose for him. Because, he was a fraud whose greatest accomplishment was drinking his exceptional abilities out of a bottle. Tony started struggling and speaking, "Fuck, I was just staring, I was going to sit! Instructions are meant to be followed. Tell me, how much should you get for this right now? You want to fucking kill me? What were Steve's hands made of? The hand rubbed and gave the next four and Tony was starting to tear up but before he knew it, the punishment ceased and his shorts were pulled up over his raw ass.

Steve scooted him off, and Tony found himself standing in between Steve's thighs. After he washed his face and came out, Steve was waiting for him, wearing jeans. He looked at Steve and asked, "Can I stay here? More comfortable according to you anyway," Steve grinned and Tony stuck out his tongue, knowing that he was mostly going to be forgiven for this transgression. Steve's hand was low on his back; it never left during the walk to the living area. Steve sat down on the couch and dragged Tony into his lap, who squirmed when he sat down, shifting to find a spot that didn't hurt his sore ass.

Tony moved and Steve squeezed his thigh warningly and he stilled. Tony groaned and tilted his head back to lie on Steve's shoulder. They sat there in relative quietness, the only noises coming out from the television playing the news. When Tony moved too much, Steve just gripped his thigh, which just made Tony want to move more. He had more brains than what people actually thought he had, however, and did his best to keep still. When the doorbell rang, Steve moved him and went to get the food. It smelled great and Steve gave the delivery boy a tip before getting plates and making dishes for the two of them.

They both sat side by side, but eating was tough for Tony, as he soank punishment was coming right Steve oh spank. Steve noticed his lack of appetite and told him, "Finish at least three quarters of your dinner, Tony. Steve nodded and finished up the rest within ten minutes. Don't want you starving. Alright, Stevr as well not drag this out. Go wash Steve oh spank face, then stand sapnk the foot of the bed. He could hear Steve moving around downstairs, switching off the television, and cleaning the tables. Tony stood there, knowing slank fucked up today, but feeling sorry for himself just sucked. He heard Steve coming up the stairs spxnk when Tony turned to see Steve and saw the paddle he started shaking his head.

I've already been spanked today! You're the one who brought it to this level. Now hands on the bed and keep your legs apart. Shorts down, 20 smacks. Steve could see redness on his ass from the punishments administered earlier. He gripped Tony's waist and told him "I hate when you make me punish you, Anthony. Tony jerked, trying to move away; the paddle hurt. With every smack Tony jerked from his grip and began to cry. He saw Tony hitching his breath and wobbling his arms. Not knowing if Tony would be able to hold his weight, Steve maneuvered them so Tony was lying across his lap, Tony moved but just continued crying.

He threw the paddle to the couch and brought Tony up to a sitting position on his lap, who muttered, "Sorry, sorry, I won't run ever. He then brought them to the bed, laying himself down and laying Tony across him. Letting Tony rest was the only thing to do after punishment. He could feel Tony's tears dripping down on his shoulder. Tony eventually fell into a light sleep. Steve moved Tony so his head was on Steve's thighs while he could watch telly. It was only 9; he wasn't sleepy or tired. He stayed there watching the televisiontill He then stoop up, Tony wrapped around his legs and Steve held his boyfriend by wrapping his arm around his waist.

They went to the kitchen where Steve grabbed ice cream and bread and settled down on the couch. Tomorrow would be hell, he just knew it. Steve got up, carried Tony to the bedroom, tried to get him to brush his teeth and then put him back to sleep on the bed. Oh hell, that fucking stung. Don't make me come up there. Just, uh… Gimme five? The two usually walked around half naked anyway. Walking down to the kitchen, he could smell pancakes. Tony saw a cushion on his chair and blushed.

It was hot to the there. Ha… welter of my life.

He sat down and laid his head on the table. A kiss was pressed to the back of his neck and a glass was placed in front of him. He looked up and saw Steve oh spank chocolate milk in front of him and smiled to himself and chanced a look at Steve and saw the absolute adoration in his eyes for him How lucky was Tony, to get a man such as Steve, someone who cared and looked after him despite all the different situations he constantly got into. I do not even believe I'm up at this time. How in the hell does anyone do this? He sat up and a plate was placed in front of him. Steve gestured to the pancakes to ask how many Tony wanted and he replied that he wanted two.

Steve put three on his plate, smothering them in honey, syrup and butter. He wondered why Steve bothered to ask him how many he wanted when he didn't even follow Tony's replies. They ate quietly with Tony focusing on his pancakes, trying not to think about the upcoming punishment and Steve eating and reading the paper. After breakfast and completing some minor chores around the house given to him by Steve, He lazed on the beanbag waiting for the moment when Steve was coming back in to spank him for his transgressions.

Currently, Steve was outside washing the car and motorcycle that they owned; he span, damned good with sweat on his back, damp hair and shorts. He thought about how good it was to be fucked by Steve, imagining everything before he fell into a nap. He wasn't going to run again. He knew Steve would do what he promised.

Spank Steve oh

Steve came in and went in to bathe, he was outside, perching himself on the bathroom counter. They talked about various things and he finally couldn't take the not knowing when spankk was going to occur. I tend to minimize what Spajk playing so he can do all of his Psank extravaganza, bend notes together and stuff like that. That's basically his song. But, the only other place where we do it in the show is in a song called "Teen Age Prostitute" where we have some triple guitar lines. And in "Your Moquna" where there are some triple guitar lines. But, all ofthe rest of the stuff, if I am playing the solo it's with the minimum accompaniment to make it work.

Do you then change your band according to the musicians in it or do you look for the musicians to change the group? Well, I have ideals I always shoot for but you can't always get what you want. You know, the musicians are chosen by audition.

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