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Lesbos: art and culture challenged by the migrant crisis

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This is the land where ouzo is king! With the lesbks crisis, times are tough for tourism here. I assure you it is completely safe. Lesbos is a special place indeed.

Lesbos Romanian

How to Get to Lesbos International travelers fly into Athens first, then connect to Lesbos via ferry or a short flight. Ferry There are many ferry connections to Lesvos from Athens up to 12 hoursThessaloniki up to 16 hours and other islands. For a quick view of what is available check out www. Fly If ferry rides are too long for your taste, another option is to fly. The airport is Lesbos is located right outside of Mytilene Town, the capital. While most charter flights from other European cities are not operating at this time you can find flights on Aegean, Olympic, Astra and more.

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I flew on Aegean Airlines to get there from Athens. The ride was a smooth 40 minutes. Beyond lexbos assistance in programme management, this includes working together to enhance the identity and image of the Greek islands, to both tourists and the local population. As for culture and identity, we are convinced that cultural events allow local people to exchange ideas and generate social innovation.

A total of artists from across the Greek islands participated in nine events and exhibitions during a three-month period. Thirty-five of these came to Lesbos to paint, draw and exhibit their work. The timing of the event also coincided with the period that saw a significant increase in the number of refugees arriving on the island. They were everywhere, on all the roads, in the parks, on the streets, in the port and all along the pier. It was difficult sometimes to get around on foot or by car. As far as I can remember, the issue was raised in every meeting, gathering and workshop related to the event.

Local fishermen are also at the forefront of the tragedy: They also assist the coastguard in rescue operations.

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