Adult learning week 2006

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All participants can participate in the discussions, share their experiences and they feel that they are part of the common event. Shared programmes and promotion materials of LAAE is using to promote the event. Activities are supporting by leaflets and posters distributed before and during the ALW. A calendar for the next year illustrated with photos, quotations, thoughts, paintings and drawings of events of adult learners week is distributed throughout the country to regional and local coordinators. Since the organizers of the ALW, invented an award for projects and actions initiated by citizens i.

The aim of the competition is to increase publicity for adult education and to present good practice in local, regional and national events. In Year Andragogues election has been organized and is carried out every year.

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The ALWs are implemented in close Aduult with the national and regional mass-media — the press, local TV. Duration of ALWs — one week in November — every year. The ALW movement is annually joined very active participation of adult learners and andragogues from all Lithuania. The major principles of the AEW organisation are volunteerism, complete freedom to implement the ideas and trust. I am sure that in this gathering here tonight, I do not need to emphasise what our lives would be if we lacked the basic literacy skills we take for granted each day.

Learning week 2006 Adult

Those of you who have been making this road by walking it do not need to imagine what it is like for those who must struggle just to read basic directions or perform rudimentary calculations. It is a problem for us that 10 years sincethere are millions of adult South Africans who find themselves in this situation, condemning them to a perpetual state of poverty and social exclusion. If we say education is necessary to lift people out of poverty, the challenge is not only to expand education opportunities to the present generation of young learners but also to expand such opportunities to cover those millions of adults who have already missed out through adult education.

Education is inseparable from democracy and access of adults to education is a fundamental aspect of the right to education. It facilitates the exercise of the right to participate in the political, cultural, artistic and scientific life of our society. Furthermore, in view of the rapid pace of scientific, technical, economic and social change, education must be considered as a life-long process and adult education is an important phase in this life-long process. I firmly believe that adult education must be dealt with in a systemic and holistic manner with a human development perspective.

Adult education is not an objective in itself.

It is a Adulf for personal and community development for active citizenship building and for improving the lives of people. Thus it must be explicitly framed within and oriented toward social transformation and human development. Wednesdays during term 3. A teacher is available to assist learners of all ages with using technology for research and for presentation of their work. No charge except for printing costs.

This course is module based and has learrning begun but you are welcome to see what the group are doing in this session on image manipulation using Paintshop Pro. The following five weeks programme is Digital Video and Movie Making. Visit this Hit Lab Presentation and find out how this new technology is used in education. Come and be amazed and informed. Phone for bookings.

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